Best Mac Tips and tricks

Mac Tips


Below we have given you 6 essential Mac Tips and tricks to enhance your life as a PC user.

1. Take a screenshot of a specific part of the screen

Mac Tips

If you don’t wish to take the screenshot for the whole screen and you would like to take the specific part of the screen then you can capture in a simple way. On Mac, you can just grab the part of the screen you want: Cmd+Shift+4.

From there, click and grab the image from where you want and then release. It will automatically save to the desktop. If you just want to grab the whole screen, press Cmd+Shift+3 instead.

2. Run Windows on your Apple machine

Mac Tips

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to run a copy of Microsoft Windows on a Mac. It’s also surprisingly simple to do.

Go to Applications folder on your Mac, and then to the Utility folder. Within that is a program called Boot Camp. It will now ‘partition’ your hard drive- this essentially means split it between windows and Mac. You can choose how you split the ratio, but remember if once the storage allocated to one OS it is not accessible by anyone. Click on Partition to start the process.

Upon restarting your Mac will ask for a Windows installation CD. If you don’t have one you will need to purchase one – it can be either Windows 7 or Windows 8. When it asks where it should install select the partitioned section of your hard drive.

Before restarting, your Mac will ask for a windows installation CD. If you have that do the installation or else purchase one, it can be either windows 7 or 8. When it asks where it should install choose the partitioned option of your hard drive.Bear in mind there is no way to switch operating systems on the fly, so make sure you choose the right one or you’ll have to restart.

3. Renaming all the files at once

Mac Tips

Renaming the files is a long process. So we can do it by using a simple process on the Mac. Follow the below procedure.

Select the files which you want to rename> right click on it and then choose Rename. This presents you with three options for renaming. Replace Text allows you to change, for example, the ‘IMG’ part of a set of files with something more relevant. Thus ‘IMG_01’, ‘IMG_02’ and so on become ‘Dad’s birthday_01’ and ‘Dad’s birthday_02’, or some such.


4. Add your signature to documents

Mac Tips

If you want to send your signature digitally for an official document then you will face the problem of adding the signature. But it is easy with the Mac OS X, there’s a good way.

Open the document which you want to sign  within the preview application. Click the pen icon near the top right-hand corner of the screen and select Create signature from built-in iSight. iSight is Mac’s built- in webcam, which can be used to scan your signature. Sign your signature on the white paper and hold it up to the camera. The Camera will automatically extract it and click on Accept to it.

5. View all foreign characters

Click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right of your screen and search for a program called Character Viewer. Open it and you’ll be granted access to every special character OS X is capable of displaying. When you find the character you want double-clicks it to insert it into the text field you’re currently editing.

6. The Mac equivalent of Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Mac Tips
Mac has it’s own equivalent of Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Should you find yourself unable to exit a program, hold down the Cmd + Option keys and press Esc. This will bring up the Force Quit dialog box, which will show you all running applications and allow you to forcefully terminate them.

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