Access Any Desktop Remotely With Chrome Browser

access any Desktop

Accessing desktops allows you to support your clients remotely for teamwork, presentation, sales discussions, and much more. You can also access any desktop and servers remotely whenever you wish. The third-party Softwares can be connected remotely in a number of ways. But some of them needs to be paid and some have to be installed on your computer.

It’s not that all those who own a computer are techies, literally. They might not know how to install a Software on a computer. Are you a one who belongs to this category? Never worry! Google Chrome browser is always there for you. This will help you to connect your desktop remotely.

Chrome Remote Desktop BETA allows you to remotely access another computer through your Google Chrome browser. You can use Chrome Remote Desktop BETA app to invite someone to access any desktop remotely. Or you can even take control of another computer through Google Chrome Browser. Chrome Remote Desktop BETA is fully cross-platform. One of the best things that it can connect any two computers having a Chrome browser. This may include Mac, Linux, Windows, and Chromebook.

The Chrome Remote Desktop BETA app can be used only with Google Chrome browser.

How to get Chrome Remote Desktop app?

Chrome Remote Desktop app

Step 1: Visit the Chrome Remote Desktop app page in the Chrome Web Store.

Step 2: Click on “Add to Chrome” to install the app. It will take some time to download as it’s size is 19.1 MB.

Step 3: After downloading, click “Install” when the confirmation dialog appears.

Step 4: Once the app has been installed, a new tab will open and the app’s icon will appear in the Apps section of the page.

How to share your computer with your friend?

Step 1: Open a new tab in Google Chrome and click on the remote desktop app icon in the Apps section to open the Chrome Remote Desktop app.

Step 2: Now click “Share” button after which a unique access code will be generated for each sharing session.

Step 3: Send this code to the person you’d like to share your computer with.

How to get access to your friend’s computer?

Step 1: Get a unique access code generated by your friend and enter the code in the requested place.

get an access code

Step 2: Then tap on “Connect” button and you will get all control of your friend’s computer. Now you can access to that computer.

Chrome Remote Desktop BETA is very useful especially when your computer is facing some problem. But the thing is the person you’d like to get help from isn’t physically nearby to get your computer problem solved for you. Here comes the main purpose of the Chrome Remote Desktop BETA app. This app can help you out to access any desktop remotely.

This app helps you to see, interact, and access any desktop without having to leave your desk. In other words, there is no need that you have to sit in front of the computer that needs to be solved.

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