Kindle is the Best E-reader Table

In the recent years , computers and their technologies have become a major part of human’s life. Computers have become user friendly and people interacts more with computers.  Though the functionality of computers varies , they produce results with high accuracy.

For example , in the past, people who loved reading were confined only to limited books or newspaper at a time. The next option left is , they have to carry bulky books or newspapers with them. But now many companies are shifting themselves to an online environment. They are providing an online version of books , magazines , newspapers and more for customers. All those things can be read using an electronic reader called Amazon’s Kindle.


Kindle is the first electronic reader or e-reader  released by Amazon, which has gained large popularity. Recently, Amazon released a new version called “Kindle Fire”. Kindle is the best e-reader in the world. Kindle has the following advantages


  • It is highly portable, and can access to a large volume of books and purchasing books is very easy.
  • It is provided with 8GB of internal storage , which is sufficient for 80 applications ,10 movies or 800 songs or 6000 books.
  • It will be very much useful for people who live in small apartments and  people who travel often.
  • Kindle’s size is very similar to a book .In some cases,even smaller than a book.
  • Since it is small, it can be carried to anywhere rather than taking bulk of books and magazines.
  • Kindle fire synchronizes the content , without getting any additional charges from the customer.
  • The success of kindle , will help to reduce the production of printed books and newspapers which helps the environment by saving trees.
  • It has a built-in light and its screen resolution is much better than any other e-readers.
  • It supports many formats.
  • Free cloud storage and its battery can last up to 8weeks.


Kindle do have the following disadvantages:

  • It is having only 8GB of internal memory and it does not have an option to upgrade the memory.
  • Kindle doesn’t support ePUB(electronic publication) format . The user have to convert the files to read them.
  • Kindle doesn’t have a camera and the user cannot record the audio.