Space need for Windows 10

Windows 10

We can see the process that you can keep your Windows 10 installation to a minimum.

Make It Smaller

The windows 10 installation size is small when compared to the previous versions such as windows 8. The period between the two operating systems permitted Microsoft to update features of code making the transition, and launch the new features for keeping the operating system footprint down. The onus had to work with limited capacity mobile devices, in spite of windows 10 incoming with a healthy smattering of new features.

Windows 10

However, some of the cutbacks were not immediate hits with desktop and laptop users. As it made intellect remove features like default recovery image creation for all the mobile devices, laptops or desktops may prefer this to remain together.

This said that it comes to user preference. In my laptop, I have installed 1TB hard drive and a 128 GB SSD. The operating system boots faster than using Bolt leaping out of the blocks because the operating system has installed on the SSD, but even my laptop contains extra space to recover any backups. If any users with 64 GB hard drive installed on their tablet is improbable to feel the same.

Windows 10 “leverages an efficient compression algorithm to compress system files,” that means you will gain back nearly 2.6GB of storage for 64-bit and 1.5 GB of storage for 32-bit windows.” Microsoft designed one system, which is approximate to your system hardware. Windows 10 uses the total installed RAM instead of reducing a standardized file list, to find how frequently a file is liable to recall. Likewise, if your system contains fast CPU to decompress the files, more files will be compressed to begin with-provides additional space savings.


Part of the smaller devices compression success gets by the updates to WIMBOOT that is nothing but windows image boot, which “allows windows 8.1 specially prepared devices without compromising its responsiveness to achieve a better and resourceful compression algorithm”.

Windows 10


As less number of windows, 8.1 were prepared WIMBOOT, the compression algorithm integrated fully into windows 10, allowing those devices to upgrade additional savings y compression. This new version is called as CompactOS .

Making Space

Windows 10 may come either with the reasonable or unreasonable amount of bloatware. Some of the pre-installed apps are Groove Music, Microsoft 3D Builder, Fresh Paint, and Microsoft apps for weather, money, Xbox, Sports, Music and so on. People have their own choices most of the times for these apps, but Microsoft yet collects them up. To remove those apps takes more time, and in reality, only reduce some amount of space.

Windows 10

The windows 10 Start Menu can be equally troublesome, offers a container because in some cases ask for your money or for that bloatware to take hold of your attention.

We have described you how to remove bloatware apps for windows 10, or you can learn how to clean your bloatware Start menu using our app suggestions to do the work for you!


Windows 10 access on your system along with hibernation feature changed by default. It is essentially not a bad thing, but for those has lots of storage. Hiberfil.sys, which is hibernation storage file keep on, follows your system requirements. It stores key settings necessary by the operating system to a speedy change.The size of the file connects directly to the total installed RAM on your system, and it takes nearly 75% of that amount. For example, if you have installed 8GB RAM installed, your fiberfill.sys takes only 6 GB of storage. The file consumes more space if it contains more RAM.

If you do not want hibernation, then you can turn it off easily.

Right, click on the Start menu to open an elevated command prompt and select command prompt (Admin). Type powering/hibernate off. And it is done. If you like re-enable hibernation mode, simply type Powercfg/hibernate on.

Windows 10
Windows 10

The hiberfil.sys file should instantly depart, permits you some additional space on your hard drive.

Paging File

Windows has an inbuilt feature named as a paging file that works like one type of virtual memory relief.


Your system has set installed RAM that used to store a small amount of information. If your system usage goes beyond this installed amount, then windows try to use this paging file. This is where some significant information will be stored in the RAM is temporarily moved to a file on your hard drive. Super fast RAM is faster than Hard drive, and it takes more time to recollect this information.

You can manage the size of the paging file, or remove it completely.

Starting from Control Panel > System and Security > System. In the left-hand panel, choose Advanced system settings. Choose the Advanced tab. Choose Settings below Performance


Windows 10

Top to the Advanced tab you should choose Virtual Memory panel.

Windows 10

Then select change, now you will have three options:

  • Custom size
  • No paging file
  • System managed size

You can remove the paging file completely, but I do not suggest that. Correspondingly, even if the paging file exists, it does not require taking space, particularly if you don’t use all of the RAM available in your system. If you want, reduce the paging file size.

Windows. Old

When you update your windows OS like windows 7, 8 or 8.1 to windows 10, then you can see your old system settings in Windows .old folder. It will store in your C:\ drive for a month but now only 10 days, before it removed itself. You can gain a massive amount of your hard drive back, after self-destructing. I had three windows.old files waiting at one point for different reasons, taking up more amount of space.

You can delete it due to any reasons yours is still undamaged.


On the other hand, it comes by warning that once it is gone, because it is too big to send into Recycle bin. If you want to return to your old version of windows, should not delete this file because it contains all of your system settings and old files, and it may ruin your life if you delete it without proper backing up.

At last, you may cry gets angry so I do not want that you to be angry with me.

Free Up Disk Space

You can use the inbuilt windows Disk Cleanup tool, to free up the hostage disk space.

In the start menu search bar or Cortana type free up. Choose the first option it seems to be like the below picture, notwithstanding with a windows 10 menu:

Windows 10
Windows 10

After opening, select previous Windows Installations from the list. If you wish, you can use this chance to clean other system tools hogging all of your valuable hard drive space. While you get prepared, choose Clean up system files, and wait to complete the process.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Had you installed the windows 10 Anniversary update recently? Windows take care of this entire new operating system and it creates a brand excellent new Windows .old folder. Obviously, this folder yet takes space. After a long time everything works perfect and you have no crippling bugs or errors, to delete the newly created Windows.old file uses the above process.

Windows 10

We Must Go Smaller!


After completion of your operating system installation, the natural reaction may start to install your favorite software. Surely, you start search for a new browser, security software, and at least for me, steam, so I can start installing games.

You should do the things differently, if you are hard pushed for space. You can install your applications or other useful things to a card if your device has space for an SD card, and you can run them from there. Same as like if you use laptop with minute storage why not install why don’t install games and applications and run them when you want, to keep your storage free for other important files.

WinReducer EX-100

WinReducer gives permission to control over your windows installation. The app has already been used with windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to supply stripped-back versions of Microsoft operating systems, streamlined during the years and windows 10 is no dissimilar.

We are not giving you a clear tutorial on how to strip your windows 10 installation back, as there is more options accessible to you, and you must be capable to figure out it most of yourself.

That said I would leave you with one warning: Be careful with the services you strip out. Some of the services connected to others, and if you are careless, some parts of windows 10 will not work, until the reinstall windows 10 option.

I suggest you to find a tutorial and follow it carefully, if you really want to strip it all back.

Okay, that’s Small Enough!

Windows 10 requires 16 GB of space. Because you can delete further applications, delete your caches every day, and keep your temporary files clean, and don’t install other system files- but  with 14 GB space you may face more issues.

Windows 10 has already updated. When Microsoft fixed its target to reach 1 billion devices running windows 10 at the end of 2018, make sure the operating system may be updated as possible as more devices was always going to be primary target. Moreover, even with Microsoft’s acknowledgement that this is somewhat that this is somewhat improbable to happen in the given timeline, that means 350 million windows 10 users have a updated operating system at their clearance. If you want to stripe things out, do, but as I said, be careful of what you strip out!

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