Switch Between Multiple Gmail Accounts

Many of us maintain multiple Gmail accounts. We regularly log into all the accounts. When we want to check any mail in another Gmail account, we have to log out from the current Gmail account and then log into another account. But that becomes a huge task for anyone to switch between multiple Gmail accounts.

We can’t simultaneously check emails in multiple Gmail accounts. But Google makes it easy to sign into multiple Gmail accounts leaving us signed in with one Gmail account. There’s no need to log out from one Gmail account to check emails in another Gmail account.

First, log into one of your Gmail accounts. Go to accounts.google.com/AddSession and sign-in with another Google account in the same browser. After logging into the second Gmail account, click on the Google apps and tap on Gmail. This will open your second Gmail account. You can repeat this for multiple Gmail accounts. Now tap on the profile image in the top-right corner of the screen in the same tab (second Gmail account). Click on any other Gmail account which you have logged in from the list shown there.


From that drop down, you can switch to any other Gmail account. And the account that appears on the top of the drop down is the one you have signed in first. If you type mail.google.com in the address bar of your browser, it will directly take you to your default Gmail account. If you wish to have any other Gmail account as your default mail, you have to log out of all the accounts and start logging in from beginning.

Follow the steps below to jump from one Gmail account to another

Step 1: Go to your Gmail website tab and press “Ctrl+D” to bookmark the Gmail website.


Step 2: Click on the “Edit” button to modify the bookmark.

Step 3: Add “authuser=emailaddress@gmail.com” after the last slash(/) symbol in the URL in the dialogue box that appears after tapping on Edit. Then, append “gw Gmail” before the name of the bookmark that already exists. We use the short gw which means Google Apps for Work Gmail.


Repeat the same steps for all the other Gmail accounts.

After repeating the same process for multiple Gmail accounts, type gw in the address bar. You can find below all your Gmail accounts which you have bookmarked. You can select whichever Gmail account you want and click on it. This will directly open that Gmail account.

This is a simple way to check multiple Gmail accounts without logging out from one account to sign into another. You can simultaneously check all the Gmail accounts keeping yourselves logged into them.

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