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College graduation rates continue to soar throughout the United States, but many young adults find it hard to find work after they graduate. For this reason, it’s not at all uncommon for recent graduates to move to other states or large metropolitan areas to find a job. However, this move means leaving behind loved ones and friends and can be a lonely time for recent graduates.

How Technology Enhances Relationships

It’s no secret we live in a technological age. Almost all adults are on some form of social media and use these platforms to stay in touch with friends and family. Additionally, dating apps designed to be used on computers or smartphones exist in abundance. More people than ever before have access to a computer at home, and an overwhelmingly large number of adults have a smart phone. The use of technological advances to help bridge the gap in interpersonal relationships can be very helpful.

Meet Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe understands the struggles that young adults face, as she is a young entrepreneur. Born in Utah, Whitney attended Southern Methodist University. She began experimenting with entrepreneurship during college by developing and selling bamboo tote bags and using the proceeds to provide relief to those affected by the ongoing BP oil spill.

Fast forward some years later, and Whitney began to get ideas for using technology to provide better ways for young adults to make friends and to find interested romantic partners. Whitney began this venture by co-founding the popular dating app called Tinder back in 2012.

After leaving Tinder, Whitney poured her energy into creating a unique app that allowed women to have more control over their dating situation, and through this process, Bumble was born.

Introducing Bumble BFF

What is Unique about Bumble and Bumble BFF?

Most of the current dating apps that exist today have remained much the same, that is until Bumble came along. Whitney noticed that most women feel like they need to take a standoffish approach to their dating lives and wait for an interested man to make the first move. This type of expectation puts undue stress on both parties involved, and Whitney felt the need to develop a way for women to take the driver’s seat and take the pressure off men at the same time.

Bumble was created as an avenue to allow women to hold the reins and have a more active role in the outcome of their dating experiences. After all, Bumble only allows female members to make the first move and initiate contact with someone they’re interested in pursuing. If a female user “likes” a male user of the app, the man has only 24 hours to respond to her, after which the notification goes away. This process keeps women from getting unwanted messages and takes the pressure off men to feel like they need to make the first move.

Bumble BFF is a recently updated feature of the Bumble app that allows women to meet other like-minded women that they share common interests with. Again, Whitney saw a need for young adults to be able to use online technology to make creating lasting and meaningful friendships easier. This makes creating friendships in new cities, such as is the case for so many recent college graduates, easier on everyone involved.

Bumble BFF Match

If you’ve recently graduated from college or moved into a new area, you may be struggling to find the time to make new friends. Socialization is a vital part of our lives, but thankfully the technology exists to make this process easier. Making new friends could be as simple as downloading an app like Bumble and making a few swipes.

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