Apps To Change The Way OF Using Gmail


Gmail is the basic thing that everyone knows and obviously, have a Gmail account. We usually receive and send emails to those having accounts with Google or even other websites. And what was the priority given to Gmail account before the existence of Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social media networks? Gmail was the most important and useful media to exchange messages whether it may be a text message, pictures, documents, files or folders.

Even today, Gmail has its own importance and is given its priority even though there are other social media networks. Of course, we know how to use Gmail. Can it be used in any other way? Here is a list of some of the apps to change the way of using Gmail.

1. Unsubscriber:


This app is found to be the quickest way to unsubscribe from newsletters and mailing lists. This app will scan your account if you have signed up for any email. If you wish to unsubscribe, just you need to swipe left and swipe right to stay subscribed. This will clean up your inbox with easy and quickly than any other app. And this app can be installed only on iOS devices for free.

2. Outlook:


Outlook isn’t a Gmail app. It’s just one swipe ahead to archive, delete or schedule an email to show up at a later time. And one tap can add an attachment from Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. The best feature of Outlook is that you can view your Google Calendar and Google Drive files without even leaving the app. iOs and Android devices can support its installation for free.

3. Mailburn:


This app can turn your Gmail threads into chat. The app strips away quoted text and other distractions, so you can get stuff done. This app can be installed on iOS devices only.

4. Mail Pilot:

Mail Pilot

This is a desktop Gmail client which takes each email as a task. This app will help you set email reminders instead of marking a message as unread so as to read that email at a later time. This app doesn’t focus on the number of unread messages, its focus is on the completeness of an email. The completeness of an email depends on the response given to a thread. You can create a list with collecting a group of related messages. This app can be downloaded on Mac (iOS) devices with Rs.643.

5. Gmail Offline:

Gmail Offline

By the name itself, we can understand that Gmail works without the Internet. Yes! You can read emails, archive, search, and respond to emails without the Internet. The extension syncs your messages and actions while you are online. And when the connection is lost, then open a new tab and click Gmail Offline. All that you can see here is your account. This is a free app that works on all the Operating Systems.

6. Gmail Mail Checker:

Gmail Mail Checker

This app checks your inbox for unread messages and displays the number of unread messages on the top right corner of the browser window. You can make the most use of this app only if your inbox contains less than 100 unread messages. If the number of unread messages is more, then maybe, this app couldn’t help you to display the number of unread messages.

7. Boomerang:


This is an app that allows you to schedule your emails to be sent at a later time. This extension works on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. You can schedule 10 emails per each month and after which each email will be charged depending on the type of email, whether it is a personal email or anything else.

8. Ugly email:

Ugly email

This is an app to check if your emails are being tracked. This Chrome extension displays an eye next to the emails received from retailers or publications that are being tracked. This is a free app to download on your device.

9. Snap mail:

Snap mail

Snap mail allows you to send self-destructing emails with confidential information via an encrypted service connected to your email account. Once the message is read, it will be automatically deleted permanently after 60 seconds. You can’t see that email anymore in your inbox.

10. Gmail menu:

Gmail menu

The Gmail menu for Safari gives the user a shortcut for emailing links. If you often send links through emails, then this Safari extension would be more helpful than any other. This app adds a Gmail shortcut to the right-click menu on Mac. Selecting the Gmail on any page will prompt you to open a new tab or a window with a composed email. The subject of the email will be the page title and the body will be the URL of the page.

11. Giphy for Gmail:

Giphy for Gmail

This has added an icon to the compose window called as “Giphy” which helps you search, discover, and insert GIFs in the email that you compose. Now you can send and receive GIFs from your Gmail account.

12. Sortd:


Sortd is an app to help you organize all your emails in your inbox into a list. You can even drag and drop the emails in the inbox to a sortd list. The subject of the email can be renamed if you want. After sorting out the important threads, there is an option that you can hide your threads and the most important conversations. Your regular and routine tasks can be added to the list manually by the user.

These are some of the Gmail apps that can help you make the most use of the Gmail and it will change the way of using Gmail.

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