5 Steps To Get More Done In Less Time


When your mind is having a hard time of 24 hours of different approaches for getting things done. Probably it’s simple to get more done in less time.

Following are 5 steps to getting more done.

1. Take a break before you need it :

Sometimes the computer screen starts to swim before your eyes, your lids droop, or your stress level just makes further constructive thought impossible. These aren’t the ideal times to take a break. The ideal time was way before you reached that level of exhaustion.

“It can be tempting to wait until we’re flagging later in the day before allowing ourselves a short break. However, findings suggest that we actually respond better to breaks in the morning – it seems you need to have some fuel in the tank to benefit from a re-fill,” said Christian Jarrett, a researcher on the psychology of breaks. Plus, if you recharge before you absolutely must, shorter breaks will be adequate.

2.Put down your phone :

According to recent research, it found that office workers who fully unplugged from their gadgets like phone during breaks had more emotional energy. It’s a bad idea to hang on to your phones surfing on internet browsing, social media, online shopping in the name of taking a refreshing break.

3.Present focus :


The greatest enemy of productivity is the distraction. The ability to stay attentive seems almost impossible in today’s world. You might schedule efficiently and still lose because your mind drifts or a phone call or an email pulls you away. Staying in the present will increase your productivity.

Here are two “tricks” that you’ve heard several times, but still may not be following.

  1. Eliminate all the things which aren’t related to the task. If your phone or internet or people are not essential for completing the task, then keep aside or shut them down.
  2. If you have an extra short attention span, then get a timer and set it for five or ten minutes as a reminder to stay on point. If you would like to really ramp up your focus by using reminders and timed sessions then consider using “The Action Machine“.

Personal productivity just needs that you focus on what you should be doing and when you should be doing it without excuse.

4.Effective efficiency :

Efficiency means that we do the best job possible in a very less amount of time. First, you need to know how long will it take to complete a task. Then, you need to determine if you can shrink that time without losing quality.

It’s not enough to just schedule, you need to be precise about the amount of time the tasks actually take. Keep track of how long certain actions take and work toward shrinking the time without losing quality.

5.Get out of the office :

You could pave a road from your office to the nearest park with all the studies showing the incredible benefits of spending even a short amount of time out of doors. It should be particularly in a natural setting. And even if you don’t see a single tree on your jaunt out of the office, getting away from the need to think about work, keep up appearances, and make small talk with colleagues will make your break hugely more refreshing, reports Jarrett.

So, to recap, all it takes to increase the effectiveness of your breaks and your all around productivity is to take breaks sooner and more often, go outside of the office leaving you cell phone behind.

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