Apps to Get A Disposable Phone Number


Not all the time but sometimes, we feel like having a fake number. This is not to prank someone you know or a stranger. The disposable number can be used in cases when you wish to but one of your properties like car or mobile phone on OLX. In such situations, you need to talk with strangers and we don’t want to reveal our phone number with them. So it’s better to have a disposable phone number.

How can you get a disposable phone number? Yes! There are certain apps which will provide you with a temporary number to use. Installing these apps on your smartphone will help you get a disposable phone number.

Let’s know the list of these apps that provide a disposable phone number. Here are the apps to get a disposable phone number.

1. Burner:


This is one of the best apps to get a disposable phone number. This app supports its installation on iOS and Android devices. This app can satisfy the user with the ultimate needs and privacy of a mobile phone to help you send text messages and call a person without revealing your personal phone number. The app gives you control over who can call you and once you are done with calling a particular person, you can burn it simply with a button.

2. CoverMe:


CoverMe is an app that is also used to install on iOS and Android devices. This app can be downloaded for free on Google App and Apple Store. This app allows you to contact a person without revealing your personal number. Even your phone bill won’t display the call and text records. The CoverMe app uses an encrypted data connection to transmit phone calls, messages, photos, and videos.

3. Hushed:


Hushed is an app that is almost like Burner except that it has numbers from 40 countries and can have even more than that. It can be downloaded for free with the ability to purchase credits in the app. The Hushed disposable phone number works for phones and tablets that includes text auto-replies, text voicemails, text SMS and MMS. You can use this number for free for only the first three days and after which you have to pay for making calls, sending SMS and MMS, etc.

This app also allows you to change your number for a different phone number from over 40 countries. You can make calls and send anonymous text messages from around the world. And when you don’t need to change your disposable phone number anymore, you can drop it out.

4. Dingtone:


Dingtone is another app that supports its installation on iOS and Android. This is a free calling app that allows you to make unlimited free phone calls and send free text messages to any number around the world with Wi-Fi or mobile network. It also supports caller ID so that your friends and known persons can notice that you are calling them. There are still more features in Dingtone that include free conference calls, fax, sharing videos, pictures, location, and Push to Talk function. This Push to Talk function turns your phone into a Walkie-Talkie.

5. Line2:


Line2 is a business-oriented app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. It provides a second number on your existing phone with other features like conference calls, auto-attendant, and also toll-free numbers. This can also be used for those who want to keep their work and personal numbers separately. This can be used for a temporary number but is really used for professionals who wish to have a permanent second number. Line2 has a desktop app so you can make calls and send texts from a Mac or Windows PC as well.

This app can be used for free for the first seven days after which you will have to pay on a monthly basis according to whether it is a personal or professional accounts.

These are some of the best apps to get a disposable phone number which can be used to make free calls and send free texts.

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