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Manappuram Finance has introduced the online payment system for gold loan. You can avail a loan against gold and repay the same without having to visit a physical branch, but via internet from mobile app or the website. There is 100 percent security and safety guaranteed for your gold jewellery. The company can provide loan amount up to Rs. 1.5 crore. All existing customers can login with their user ID and password to access the services.

The Manappuram gold loan online payment helps you to enjoy cash-flow anytime, and through the service, you can pay the interest amount for exact number of days till when the credit was utilized. How does the online gold loan (OGL) service work? You gave to safe-lock the gold jewellery at a nearby Manappuram Finance branch. Complete the online gold loan service registration and link it to your savings bank account. You can now receive the loan amount to bank account anytime with help of mobile app or the website.

Apart from the internet service for requesting a loan or repayment, you can also receive doorstep service for gold loan. On the official website of the financial institution, access the relevant section for doorstep service and enter the PIN code of the area. After which, you have to fill a form, asking basic details such as your name, city, phone number, state, language, email ID, and preferred branch. Once your request is taken in, it will be processed and you will receive a communication about the same.

Below given are important features and facts of Manappuram Finance OGL service and payment.

  1. Online Gold Loan App

You can download the OGL app in your smartphone and avail a loan against gold anywhere, anytime, even when on the move or from the comfort of your home. Register your phone number on the app and start using it for own benefit. The app allows you to locate the nearest branch of Manappuram Finance, check account statement, pay interest, and other activities. This easy-to-use mobile app helps you in financial emergency, as through it you can avail funds within a click. No need to visit the branch office to get funds, when you have the OGL app.

  1. Services under Customer Online Portal

The eligible customers can choose OGL disbursement. It means the person can borrow fresh gold loan on the app/website. The amount will be transferred immediately to the registered bank account. The services offered are making payments for gold account through net banking of debit card, downloading OGL pawn ticket and one-time registration form, and viewing the account statement.

  1. Generate Customer ID

You have to create a customer ID to access OGL service. A customer ID is generated by system after verification via OTP. This ID is recorded on the pawn ticket generated by the branch when you avail a loan against gold for the first time. You can use email id, mobile number, or user ID to login. The mobile number must be the same that was given at the branch at the time of registration for the loan. A password gets generated on the portal. If you forget the password, it is easy to retrieve.

  1. Why Opt for OGL Service?

With this service, you can access gold loan from anywhere as long as the app is installed in your phone. The documentation process is easy. The loan is instantly approved. You get convenience of 24×7 online repayments, making for a paperless and hassle-free transaction from the mobile device. There are no hidden charges, the loan process is transparent. You will also receive free safe custody for the gold. Also, free insurance cover is guaranteed for the asset.

  1. Close the Loan

You can close the loan by accessing the customer portal through your user ID and password. Provide complete information about your gold loan account and select the appropriate one. You can remit the settlement amount via net banking, Mpesa wallet, debit card, or Mrupee wallet. Credit cards are not allowed for repaying the loan as of now.

  1. Express Pay

Another facility, Express Pay allows you to pay the interest or principal of gold loan without having to register for the e-services by Manappuram Finance. Payment is done by entering the 16-digit pledge number and then the email ID and mobile number. You can select for full settlement amount payment, part interest/principal payment, or full interest amount payment. When you are done selecting the option you want, continue making the payment. On the email ID, you will get the confirmation of the payment. In this service as well, you are not allowed to use credit card for the payment.

The online gold service for payment by Manappuram Finance is an innovative way to connect technology with ease, and bring loan service on the fingertips of people. You can not only get fresh fund into your bank account via the eservice but even repay the loan as per your convenience. You have the choice to repay interest or the principal amount, at your own discretion.