Race horses

Entry to any horse race in most cases is limited to particular breeds. It indicates that the horse must have a sire (father) and purebred dam (mother) which will qualify for the racing breed type. In case of the regular harness race, for instance, the dam and sire of the racing horse both should be Standardbreds. On the other hand for Quarter Horse racing there lays an exception where the Appendix Quarter Horse will qualify with other Quarter Horses. The industry of horse racing is indeed a big one.

What Determines the Speed of the Horse?

Racehorses through the years have adapted in producing various quantities of muscle fiber that is fit for the race. Muscle fibers of the type II-b category will twitch fast as well as allow the muscles to contract quickly. The horse, in turn, gains immense power and speed. Type I is of the slow twitch variety yet will aid the muscles in working for a longer time. Thus horses with this form of muscle will boast higher endurance. Type II-a is in the middle and have a balance amid the fast-twitch and slow-twitch fibers which means their muscles will generate both speed and endurance.

Race Horses and the Different Breeds

Thoroughbred is the most popular type of horse for racing, but the list also includes other formats like Quarter Horse, harness and endurance racing. Though Thoroughbreds is the first pick the below-mentioned breeds too are quite popular, and you can often see them in different race courses such as Woodbine.

  • Standardbreds

  • Quarter Horses

  • Arabian

Let’s delve a little deeper into each breed,

  • Thoroughbreds- Yes, it is true the biggest and the most famous horse races are open exclusively to this breed. Though there are other breeds too, none can come close to Thoroughbred’s profile, glamour, and popularity. It is perfect for horse racing owing to its luring characteristics- boldness, spirit, hot-blooded, lean body, long neck, and a deep chest.

  • Arabian- This is among the oldest breeds which continue to exist. It is famous for its stamina and speed. Some of their distinct features include a small muzzle, large nostrils and eyes, broad forehead and a wedge-shaped head. Typically they are black, chestnut, grey or bay. The Arabian is a highly versatile breed.

  • Quarter- This breed got its name for taking part in the Quarter Horse racing. It is ideal for this form of racing because they are popular for excelling at sprinting in short distances. These horses have a straight profile, muscular body and a short head, powerful and rounded hindquarters and a broad chest. Its common colors include brown, bay, black and brownish red.

  • Standardbreds- This breed is widely used in harness racing. The truth is genes from various horse breeds contribute to this breed such as Norfolk Trotters, Morgans, Thoroughbreds, Hackneys, and Canadian Pacers. Standardbreds are more muscular and have longer bodies. This breed is people-oriented so are easy to train. It comes in two types namely pacers and trotters.

These are the different forms of horse breeds that people use for racing.

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