360-degrees Live Video Streaming By Twitter

Live Video Streaming

Twitter is taking a step to get into live video as it introduced 360-degrees Live Video Streaming. We can get into it through Periscope app. Anyone on Twitter and Periscope can watch a live video. But at now, the company announced that only a selected partners can watch videos live in 360-degrees Live Video.

Twitter would reach heights as live video streaming gets more popularized on platforms like Facebook. Twitter is the first to risk to introduce Periscope on the market. But Facebook is also significantly investing in live videos named Facebook Live”. It is paying the media partners and advertising in huge to use the feature.

The mission statement of 360-degrees Live Video streaming is, “To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers”. Twitter is planning to introduce another new product yet. It continues to find the product to have future in the coming years. Twitter found this to be a challenge for itself. So it saw as the subject of a potential major acquisition before those talks fell apart. Since then, Twitter has struggled to find new ways to grow. Later, it has incrementally added new features and products.

Live streamers will plug a camera into the phone button and start recording and broadcast the video. Facebook did its 360-degree live video stream earlier but it wasn’t a large-scale launch. Instead, partners and publishers will only get access to the feature in the coming months.

With live 360 video streaming, users can get a full capture of what’s going on for a broadcaster’s surroundings. As it is limited to partners, for now, it looks like there won’t be a ton of live 360-degree video. But this could be a strong play to attract new influencers. It may see flocking to other platforms, giving them new tools to play with in order to continue building their audience.

Making big changes to a platform with a wide audience with more than 300 million people is always going to be tricky. Although it isn’t growing as fast as Facebook. But the company needs to continue to make big bets. It should be particularly in the video like 360-degrees Live Video streaming if it’s going to find a new way to ignite growth.

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