Methods To Detect Mobile Phone Cloning

Mobile phones are now becoming one of the main hand for humans. Now from the child to the elders are having the mobile phone. But everyone is getting unexpected charges. This is also may be due to mobile phone cloning.

Mobile phone cloning is nothing but copying the identity of one mobile phone to the another mobile phone. To make fraudulent telephone calls mobile phone cloning is used now. The fraud user uses the real customer’s phone as a cloned one and they will not pay for their usage the real customer will also have to pay for the fraud user. But the real customer will not know about the fraud user. Here there are some ways to detect the mobile phone cloning:

Network detection

            If the same network is used by two persons at the same time means, the connections will be shutdown for those users, on that time the real customer will contact the contact, since he lost the network service that he is paying. Meanwhile, the clone users will switch to another clone. The real customer have to contact the operator.

Same identity of network

         If two mobile phones are having the same identity on the network but the phone calls are made are at unlikely speeds. For example, if a call is made at first in newdelhi, but another call is made in Mumbai after 5 minutes by the same network means the velocity trap will occur .



Using CA Wireless cell phone controller(CPC)

This device is used hunt the specific cloned set using the CDMA(ESN) or GSM (IMSI) Serial number. The portable CPC will detect within 5 minutes or less than that. The detection functionality is designed to 100%. The CPC captures the GSM and CDMA of the handset.

Counting the calls

The call counting method allows to keep track of the calls made with both the phone and the network. The service will be denied if they differ more than the usual calls.

Using pin codes

Before going to make a call the caller unlocks the mobile phone with a PIN code, and after making the call, the caller locks the phone by again using the PIN code. Sharing the PIN numbers  among the operators will enable safer roaming.

The real user can also find by analyzing the phone bill. Any unusual calls appearing in the phone bill, the phone may be cloned.

If one’s mobile phone is cloned it may cause difficulty in receiving voice mail messages. It may also cause difficulty in placing outgoing calls. If frequent wrong calls are arriving to your mobile phone or your mobile phone is hanging frequently,  your phone may be cloned.