Simple Ways to Factory Reset

How to Reset Windows and Android Devices

Computer and Android devices are currently experiencing a variety of virus attacks, and there is a lot of software disorders. The processing speed after which most of these devices will start to decrease. To prevent such problems from happening, you need to make ‘Factory Reset‘ on your computer and Android devices. Then you need to have to backup all the information from your device before you do Reset.

Let us first look at the method to do ‘Factory Reset’ on the Windows 10 laptop and Tablet.

Reset Windows 10 Laptop and Tablet

Step 1: First open the Windows 10 System menu and select Settings.

Windows 10 Settings


Step 2: Then select the search bar and type ‘reset’


Reset Windows 10

Step 3: Then you have to choose ‘Reset this PC’ option on your computer.

Step 4: Next, you can make your Windows 10 device ‘Factory Reset’ very simple.

Reset Windows 7/8 Device

Windows 7 Factory Reset

It is very easy to do ‘Factory Reset’ on Windows 8 and Windows 7 devices, choosing a few tools for specific devices and can easily Reset.

Step 1: Acer – Alt + F10
Asus – F9
Dell – F8
HP – F11
Lenovo – F11
MSI – F3
Samsung – F4
Sony – F10

Step 2: You will have to wait for half an hour to complete ‘Factory Reset’ process.

For Android

Step 1: First of all, if you want to ‘reset’ on Android device, select Setting on your Android device.

Android Phone Factory Reset

Step 2: Then you have to choose the Backup & Reset option

Step 3: Then click Factory data reset.

Note: Never forget to backup your important files before you start factory reset process

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