Tech Myths and Facts

Tech Myths and Facts

We spend most of the time with the devices like our smartphone, laptop, PC, iPhone, iPad, and so many. And we do come to know a number of myths and facts about these devices usage. But who knows which ones among them are myths and which is a fact? Generally, no one will believe in anything without a perfect reason. But what do you think about Tech myths will be like?

Usually, it is said not to charge your iPhone with iPad charger, do not charge your smartphone overnight, Desktop PC shouldn’t be shut down, more signal bars indicate great network in the phone, and so on.

Today, we are here to discuss the tech myths that you should stop believing. And try to know the reason behind every fact.

1. The virus can’t enter Mac computers:

Mac computers cant get the virus

Apple computers are susceptible to malware. Apple boasts that their computers are not as vulnerable as Windows PCs to viruses. But it was proved absolutely wrong when Trojan affected thousands of MAC computers in 2012.

2. Leaving your phone plugged in will destroy battery:

Leaving your phone plugged in will destroy battery

We often leave the phone plugged in to charge overnight. But it is said that keeping the phone plugged in overnight will destroy the battery. But, actually, there is no proof that it destroys the battery. As modern phones and smartphones are using Lithium-ion battery, they are smart enough to stop charger further when the battery is full. And even if the charger is plugged in, there may be no impact on the battery. So, this won’t destroy the battery.

3. iPhone battery should drain completely to recharge the battery:

iPhone battery should drain completely to recharge the battery

Apple uses the modern Lithium-ion battery. It says, “You complete one charge cycle when you’ve used (discharged) an amount that equals 100% of your battery’s capacity. But not necessarily all from one charge.”

4. More Megapixels, better camera:

More Megapixels, better camera

Do you think the clarity of the images depends on the pixels of the camera? No! It’s all about how much light the sensor is able to take in. If the sensors are bigger, they may come with larger pixels. The larger the pixel, the more light it can absorb. The size of the pixels matters more than the number of pixels of the camera.

5. Higher Display resolution is always better:

It is said that when a display has more pixels per inch, then the human eye can’t discern the details. But it’s not sure if the display resolution really matters after a certain point. After a certain point of resolution, the eye can’t discern all the individual pixels. Some companies like Apple will focus more on the brightness so that the image can give a sharp result.

6. Should not use iPad charger for iPhone:

Should not use iPad charger for iPhone

It was said that continuing to charge the iPhone battery with the iPad charger could stress the iPhone battery over time. But could take years for any user to notice the changes in the efficiency of the iPhone battery.

7. Do not shut down your computer every day:

Do not shut down your computer every day

Some think that it’s harmful to shut down your computer every night. But actually, it’s good to turn off your computer regularly. Putting your laptop into sleep mode will let you easily return to it without having to boot up. Shutting it down when not in use will reduce the stress on the components and conserves power too. This, as a result, could enable it to last longer.

8. More signal bars indicate great cell service:

More signal bars indicate great cell service

We all think if the signal bars are full, then the mobile network service is great. But what really does the signal bar indicates. It actually indicates the distance of the cell tower from the user. More distant, fewer signal bars and vice versa. There are other factors that have the impact on the speed of the Internet on the phone. This includes the number of users connected to the network.

These are a few tech myths and facts we come across in our daily lives. We may or may not follow all these, but we often think these myths might be true. Know the actual fact and try to follow these.

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