Cats are popular with any class of the populace including celebrities who find joy with their feline companions despite their busy schedule and the glamour of the limelight. This is not unexpected as cats are a great pet whatever your lifestyle is, there is a breed suited for you but if you are curious about what Cat Breeds celebrities have, here are a few.

Cat Breeds

Cat Breeds of Celebrities 

The First is the Sphynx Cat which is known for its lack of fur and distinctive look and extroverted behaviour which is a favourite cat breed among celebrities.

Unlike under cat breeds, the Sphynx likes to display their high intelligence. In line with their extroverted behaviour, this breed is very affectionate to their owners coupled with energy and is described as dog-like because they tend to wait for their owners and the family at the door and are very friendly even with strangers.

A Sphynx hairlessness is produced by a mutation in their genes which makes hair easily dislodged. Because of this Sphynx cats lack a coat of fur or hair to shed or green but they are not entirely maintenance-free. Click here for more information on what causes hairlessness in Sphynx Cats.


Because of the lack of hair of Sphynx Cats, body oils that are absorbed by the fur on other cat breeds end up on the skin of the cat, consequently, regular bathing is necessary. Owners and potential owners should also limit the cat’s exposure to sunlight as the cat can have sunburns. 

The second is the Exotic Shorthair which in general has gained popularity because of the famous Angry Cat which helped flat-faced cat breeds surge in popularity just like their owners and is currently the feline face of popular photo-sharing application and site Instagram.

The Exotic Short-hair is the shorthaired version of the popular Persian Cat with physically characterized by a flat nose and a short dense coat. The Exotic Short-hair is steadily gaining in popularity with the masses and celebrities because of its ease of care especially when compared with its long-haired Persian Cat.

The Persian Cat is known for its long and elegant-looking coat but is high-maintenance because of its fur which needs frequent brushing and grooming.

The Exotic Shorthair is known for being calm, gentle, and affectionate. This breed is very friendly towards humans and other animals alike and can even be friends with dogs. Because of their affectionate nature, they do not like being left alone and need the presence of their owners.

The third is the Siamese Cat which is a popular breed with singers and celebrities and is one of the most recognized breeds coming from Asia and is a native of Thailand. This link: has more information on the country of Thailand or Siam as it was called until the year 1939.

It is known for its slender and muscular body, long ears, and blue almond-shaped eyes.

The Siamese is very well known to be very affectionate, intelligent, social, and playful. It can even learn and enjoy the game of fetch which is typically seen to be learned by dogs.

Just like the Sphynx Cat, the Siamese is described as an extrovert and often bonds strongly with one person and can be demanding attention.

Some Siamese Cats are known to be extremely vocal with their loud and low-pitched voice called a “meezer” which may be the reason the Siamese is popular with award-winning singers and artists.

Next is the adorable Scottish Fold with their unique ears that fold forward and down towards the front of their head. Because of this rare and distinctive trait, the breed is gaining more and more popularity is even the companion of some artists and stars. Because of its appearance, the Scottish Fold is also often described as looking like an owl.

Another contributing factor to their popularity is the Scottish Folds’ reputation as being very affectionate and loving companions. Aside from their ears, this breed is medium-sized and can either have a long or short coat that is thick and soft and can have nearly any colour combination.

The Scottish Fold is also known for the unusual trait of sleeping on their backs and sitting with legs stretched with their paws on their belly.

Another cat that is popular with celebrities and has its share in the limelight is the Maine Coon which is a large domestic cat with a very distinctive appearance with its ruff on the chest, uneven two-layer coat, and a long and bushy tail.

Like the giants of the industry, the Maine Coon is known to be a giant with above-average intelligence and is relatively easy to train. This breed is fiercely loyal to its owner and the family while being cautious but not aggressive toward strangers. They are also described as gentle giants.

Maine Coons are described as dog-like because of their energy, loyalty, and affection however, this breed is known to be independent and not clingy.

Unlike other holistapet felines, the Maine Coon has a fascination with water which is believed to have stemmed from their origins as cats who were brought on ships to take care of mice and other rodents that might endanger the ship’s storage of food and other cargo.

The last is the American Shorthair which is described as an adaptable and good-natured companion who has no problem with being the centre of attention of people including children. Like the Maine Coon the American Shorthair is known to be independent does not like being carried around.

Physically American Shorthair has a muscular body and is extremely athletic and is considered the true breed of a working cat.

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