How to boost your WiFi signal?

boost your WiFi Signal

Have you changed the Wi-Fi password in your home anytime? Or you are using still the default password when you installed WiFi router? You may have shared Wi-Fi password to your friends or relatives when something special or a party is at home. This allows your WiFi connectivity to mislead others. This will slow down your Internet speed, and your monthly Internet data usage is likely to increase soon. Here are some of the key issues that the WiFi holders will meet at home and the solutions for it.

  1. Always change the WiFi password:

For some people, WiFi is the same as electricity and water. Most Internet companies will place WiFi modem in a corner where no one can touch. To avoid all these problems you may occasionally change your Wi-Fi password. You need to change the Wi-Fi password at least once every six months.

  1. The center of the house should  have a WiFi modem:

WiFi coverage is essential for all areas in the home. You have to keep the modem in the center of the house. Keeping in mind about the wire extension, most often people will put a modem or router in the corner of the house or near a window. This will not only reduce the speed of the Internet, but also the occasional Internet dis-connectivity.

That is why the placing router in the center of the house will get the Internet in all parts of the house. Also keep the router in a tallest position, which helps to increase the speed of the Internet. Similarly, router should not be placed near the cordless phone, other routers, printers, microwave ovens.

  1. Determine the number of equipment used:

Do not give a primary Wi-Fi password to relatives and friends who are invited to your home. Give them a simple temporary password. If you have your router Admins access and click on the Wireless Tape, there will be a Guest Hosted Network. You can set up a password. Avoid more people using at the same time. Similarly, the guest network should be disqualified once the party is over. This means that you can avoid using your password. This will save your Internet data.

  1. Use the repeater:

If you do not live in a room or studio apartment, your ISP does not offer the Internet all over the house. So for this you need to use a more powerful router. The easiest way to do this is to use a repeater. This repeater will help you get your WiFi all over the place.

The WPS feature is seen as the best in the repeater. WPS can be turned on by clicking on the button. The Internet signal problem will be adjusted within a few minutes for all automatics. It is noteworthy that many routers like D-Link, NetGear, TP-Link are available in the market at Rs.1000.

  1. Use USB Router:

Your focus should be on the router’s port too. If your router has a USB port, the signal size you get is higher. You will have a USB port that connects to your router model. So you can use the WiFi in more Devices. The USB will also help you in connecting to the printer.

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