Gadgets are problem-solvers, life-enhancer, and quick-fixes. Got a problem in this tech-studded gadget era? No need to fret, we have got gadgets for everything!

A mental health tracker keeps you sane, a wireless charger keeps you connected, a Fire TV stick keeps you entertained, and the list is endless. We have gathered a list of gadgets that can add value to your life, make it a lot simpler, and would not let your money going waste. I bet!

  1. Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging Pad - Gadgets

It is not actually wireless by itself, but it has made possible wireless charging for you. Plug in the charging pad and put your phone down always on the pad to keep it charged and running. Even if it is 5 minutes you are left with, you can charge a little bit to prevent the battery from dying. However, while buying it, ensure that the phone uses similar charging standards as the charger has for compatibility.

  1. Philips Hue Bulbs

Philips Hue Bulbs

They are luxurious, smart, and adaptable to different situations. Via a smart home app, you can control your smart hue bulbs around the house. You wouldn’t have to move around to see if the lights are turned off.

The beginner’s kit has three bulbs with a Hue Bridge that installs the bulbs into your home network. Surprisingly, every bridge is able to support up to 50 Hue devices. So, try them out at first, and add more when you are satisfied.

The hues can be adjusted as per your requirements. For instance, the insomniac may need a dim light in his room at night, the party freak may want the colorful hues for the party scene, and the hardworking student may want bright light. So change it as per your moods.

  1. Fire TV stick

    Need constant entertainment? Want to access all the channels around the globe? Get the IPTV service. What about the Fire TV stick? It will make your video streaming options seamless. Control the soundbars, TV, and receiver using Fire TV stick.

    With Amazon Fire TV stick, you can stream videos from Prime Video, Hulu, CBS, and Netflix etc. In addition, you can freely stream videos from IMDb Freedive and Pluto TV. Are you intrigued and wish to get it? Have a peek at this to find out what features this gadget has in store for you.

  1. Mental Health Tracker

    With anxiety, depression, stress, and millions of mental disorders disrupting our lives, what could be better than a mental health tracker? It can keep you self-aware, especially about your mood swings to prevent excessive brewing of negative emotions.

    Mental health tracker not only keeps you alert; it also suggests how to improve the quality of your life. It specifically tells you what aspects of life upset you and how you can avoid them. What else do we need?

  1. Robotic Vacuum

    Get your floors cleaned and shiny with this robot. Pre-schedule it and it will do the job for you. It can avoid the obstacles on its own, reach for the unreachable parts, and make your home spot-free. The in-built sensors ensure that all the surfaces are optimally cleaned.

  1. Nespresso Prodigio Smart Coffee Brewer

    A coffee-lover cannot skip on this one. This coffee brewer brews it before you even wake up. It is in line with your smartphone and you can just start brewing coffee from the comforts of your bed.

    Plus, you can specify the type of coffee you take and pre-set the time for it. It notifies you if the water tank needs a refill. A milk-frother is there to prepare lattes, macchiatos, etc as well.

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