The motivation to purchase a new motorcycle involves a lot of new experiences. If this is your first motorcycle then you are bound to take a safety class or two. The excitement might make you gossip about it to friends. You might have even researched the necessary equipment and helmets to get. The only thing that is left is to figure out which unique type of motorcycle you should get. This is one area that is easy to get lost in because of the large variety. There are far too many types of motorcycles available to consumers.

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At present, the industry of automobiles has been shaken up by the invention of robotics. Different production techniques have streamlined production such as plastic molding. Simply put, there are several choices available to the consumer. This is good for competitiveness yet makes the choice that much harder to make. Similarly, choosing which type of motorcycle to get involves research work. Research work is present in almost all areas of life. To research home improvement you would have to go to websites such as guyabouthome. Below is a summary of a few motorcycle types to help with your research.

1: Standard Type

This is the most basic kind of motorcycle there is and is built to be an all-rounder. These types of motorcycles are the most common and can be found in most cities. This is thanks to its practicality and accessibility. No special training is needed to master these bikes and they are pretty easy to handles as is. These bikes do everything well instead of focusing on one aspect.

Engine sizes for these bikes are usually below 1000cc which is enough for most. The seat is made to be comfortable and isn’t lined in any specific direction. This is the type you should be aiming for if you are new to motorcycles.

2: Race Bikes

These can be some of the bikes you see in the most famous races around the planet. These are very well-built bikes that are manufactured with speed in mind. The quality of the bike as well as the features screams high speed. For starters, the ergonomics of this bike are leaned forward so that the rider is in prime position. This figure provides the least air resistance possible to reach higher speeds.

Another great bonus that these types of motorcycles have is weight reduction. These are some of the lightest motorcycles around. The lightweight body allows sharper turns to be made at fast speeds. The seat is usually placed higher than other types of bikes to avoid any contact with the ground. Overall, the significantly high-powered engine allows bikes like these to zoom past anyone.

3: Scooter

On the other side of the spectrum of speed are scooter bikes. These are designed to be affordable and get you from point A to point B. These motorbikes are not that powerful but have enough power to ride in the city. They are very popular in populated cities where traffic is to be expected at every corner.

In terms of ergonomics, these bikes are generally lightweight. This is to help achieve the least air resistance possible to help the weaker engine. Seats are placed lower to the ground and turning is generally okay. Some companies even install a storage sack at the bottom which makes them ideal for groceries.

4: Dirt Bikes

These are the go-to bikes to get if you are planning on off-roading. Most other motorcycles are not designed to withstand off-roading at all. They will most probably lose performance and fall over but not dirt bikes. Dirt bikes are produced with the idea to reach harder-to-reach places with ease.

In terms of ergonomics, these motorcycles offer the highest suspension of all types. This is to facilitate bumps and rocks along the track. On top of a high suspension is a seat that is also placed taller. These motorcycles do not do well in cities due to the lack of some features. For example, most dirt bikes lack turn signals too.

5: Moped

A dying breed of motorbikes that have one of the smallest engines of the bunch. These were the ultimate budget motorbikes and were used by students. These motorbikes focused entirely on being affordable and less on comfort and ergonomics.

These motorbikes housed small 50cc engines that would barely get the job done. Some configurations even opted for electric engines. These had a lightweight frame and a low seat to save on costs. These motorbikes are no longer actively made and are harder to come by.

6: Touring Bikes

These are motorbikes that are made to be traveled on. These bikes often cross many countries and are used to travel coast to coast. Their main goal is to be comfortable while also offering storage options. Many travellers choose these types of bikes to travel on as they are a blast to do so on.

In terms of ergonomics, these motorbikes are made to be comfortable. The seat and overall structure are designed to combat fatigue. This is to allow the rider to drive without getting tired or injured.


With so many different types of motorbikes available in the market, it is easy to get lost in them. Each of these types offer different benefits and drawbacks. Some of them have an extremely powerful engine while others provide storage options. There are more combinations available in the market that mix the above few types. It is up to the individual to figure out which type they should settle for. Finding reliable motorcycle parts manufacturers is also a necessity. It is always better to prepare beforehand.

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