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Zebronics Max Pro Keyboard

In this article, we will look at a detailed review of the new Zebronics Max Pro Mechanical Keyboard. If you’re a computer gamer or a content writer and would like to use a keyboard that will give you better functionality, the Zebronics Max Pro Keyboard will fill your need. It is priced at Rs. 3,999 and is leading in the competition.


It will impress you at first sight. In this full-size keyboard, there are 104 blue keys including numbers. Each key requires about 55 grams of pressure and has 4 mm depth inside. Overall, a mechanical keypad needs a force as we expect. It has a 1.8-meter-long cable and a golden-coated USB port. It is flexible so it can bend in your table curves easily.

RGB lighting

RGB lighting, provided in the Zebronics max pro, works well in good light conditions. This keyboard has 6 brightness levels with 5-speed systems with a pre-defined 18 lighting system. Therefore, the keyboard layout can be modified according to the user’s choice. But like any other premium keyboards, the color of each key cannot be changed. This is because it is static. Most people prefer the light of the ASDW and 1234 keys. And more like a serpent-like RGB flash movement, it seems like it’s alluring. Its light color can be changed. Besides, it gets a lot of appeal through a variety of color schemes.Zebronics Max Pro Keyboard Specifications


An excellent mechanical keyboard gives the user a great experience while typing.

Zebronics Max Pro will definitely help you finish your typing tasks quickly. But it will attract everyone’s attention to you. And can use the in-place keys very quickly and can adjust or alter the appearance & aesthetic properties of the keyboard. There is no need to change the entire keyboard. Also, according to the Indian Mechanical Keyboard Market, the Zebronics Max Pro has no big competition.


Zebronics Max Pro is one of the best keyboards available for less than Rs 5,000. Apart from the various features, there are also features found in a high-quality keyboard such as RGB lighting and excellent cable. However, individual keys cannot be customized. Also, the lower part of the keyboard is made of plastics and it is possible to break down if it falls down erroneously. Again, no protection from the water. So even if a little water fell on the keyboard, the equipment is likely to be damaging. However, when looking at the whole, it does not fail to say that this is a great keyboard.

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