YouTube is working on an incognito mode for Android

youtube testing incognito mode for android app

For some users who use YouTube in Android, secret or hidden method (incognito mode feature) has been provided. While using the YouTube application on the Android device with this latest update, the usual history will not be stored and provide users a privacy experience. Now, this feature is already in all popular browsers, and now the GBoard has also introduced this feature.

In November 2016, an incognito feature update was released in Swiftkey. In September of the same year, this feature provided a unique web search experience in the Google application for IOS users. Until you log into the YouTube account (Sign In), no search history is recorded. By using this new incognito feature, it is easy to use all the practical purposes without actually leaving out of the account (sign out). This means that you can view and pause search history, and click on a button to log in again.

Android Police

The Android Police said that the YouTube team was testing the incognito feature in the YouTube application for Android devices. It is allowed to view by selected users (not for everyone) and to disable search history themselves.

It seems that you can tap on your profile image on the top right corner of the YouTube application and get this incognito mode turned on. This feature enabled while the user does sign out of their account and then sign in the YouTube account.

With this incognito method, all the sessions in the YouTube application will be removed and all existing subscriptions will be hidden. The company and Internet Service Provider (ISP) can log in from any place. It depends on the user’s logging network.

Through the screenshots released by the Android Police, this incognito method seems to be similar to the YouTube application we already use in most browsers. When you are in the incognito mode, you can change your existing image and point to watching YouTube content using the hidden method without logging in.

YouTube Watch and Search history

But it is not yet clear whether all the Android users with the YouTube application will be given the above incognito method. But YouTube has already given you a choice to keep track of your watch and search history. To access it, go to Settings and select History & Privacy. In this case, it seems that this latest feature can be made available to the user easily in the near future.

It is said that you must have a latest YouTube application on your Android device to get this new feature which is available for selected users. You can download the latest version of YouTube from Google Play Store or you can directly download its apk file from the apk mirror.

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