Features, Specifications of Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2

Mi Air Purifier

Xiaomi   is not only the company who manufacturers smartphones and tablets but also the electronic products like Air purifier. Already the first Mi Air Purifier has released in 2014 and now second Mi Air Purifier is going to release in this month.  The company has planned to conduct this event in Delhi. They already started sending invites for the event which says “2016 has been amazing for Mi and to add to our journey, we are pleased to invite you to the launch of our first Mi Ecosystem product in India.”

Mi Air purifier is more compact than the previous Air purifier and the dimensions of the Mi Air purifier 2 is 520×240 mm which is smaller than   A4 paper size. It is lighter than the first Air purifier. Despite having a compact design, it offers a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) 310m3/h, Xiaomi claims.

It contains single motor with dual mixed booster fans and a three layer filter that promises to remove 99.99% of pm2.5 particles. Xiaomi says that it has lowest noise level at 30 DB compared to first Air purifier. The app in the Xiaomi purifier 2 is similar to first generation purifier and it is also said to be 58 percent more efficient than its predecessor.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier is different when compared to regular purifiers because we can control it remotely from our Smartphone using the Mi Smart House App. You can connect units using Wi-Fi and when you are out of the home you can see your air quality as well as adjust mode for operation but it should be connected to the internet and your home Wi-Fi should be kept ON.

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