Analysts say Xiaomi smartphone giant could be twice as expensive as Apple

Xiaomi's Lei Jun
Chinese leading businessman Xiaomi’s Lei Jun is compared to the Apple’s Steve Jobs. According to expert estimates, the Xiaomi is growing more than twice as fast as the Apple company.

According to Morgan Stanley this week, Xiaomi Corporation ’s smartphone brands have been making a good profit in the world with a rapid growth. The company’s assets have risen from $ 65 billion to $ 85 billion. Similarly, the company’s income is expected to be the highest in 2019.


According to Morgan’s approximate estimate, the value of the Xiaomi is doubled in 2019 than Apple’s asset value. Fitbit Inc. and GoPro Inc are the largest companies in the manufacturing of smart hardware. It is expected that Xiaomi will easily overtake these companies. It will also overtake the Chinese giant Internet companies, Alibaba Group and Baidu.

Low profit

According to the estimates of the experts in the bank, examining the steady growth of Xiaomi. Xiaomi is also planning to spend about $ 10 billion on this research to aware the people about their company progress.

in a special interview, JP Morgan Chase & Co said that in 2020, Xiaomi will become a strong company with a $ 92 billion asset value. It is said that the reason for the growth of Xiaomi is the low price of high-end smart devices, where many companies are selling it more profits.


The company’s tax and interest will be 29 billion yen in 2020, and this growth is projected to be 58 percent this year. The expert said that the Chinese company has been producing smartphones by 42% of its total production, which means that its production has risen to 130.

However, this growth is expected to be 179 million in 2019 and will be 218.6 million in the year 2020. Apple’s total production was 216.8 last year.

100 million

According to Goldman Sachs Group’s estimate, Xiaomi’s products are about 100 million only in China. They said that the company’s products are targeted at Internet users. Likewise, the company’s some hardware and software products provide good profit and earnings.

The company entered the market as a smartphone manufacturer and later has expanded its business. Morgan Stanley said that the company is not looking forward to bigger profits and has very good sales in a few products.

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