Mobile Applications For Women Safety And Security

women-security-appsNow a days there is no security for women. We are seeing several incidents that are occurring daily in this society. Technology plays a major role in protecting women.  Here are some applications that are mainly designed for women safety and security. All women’s will feel afraid to walk lonely at night. Now no need  of worrying about this situation. With the following application you can keep yourself safe. Here is the Top 4 Women’s Security Apps






Circle of 6 is supported by android and iPhone.  This application is very simple and easy to use. This application can be used by women to send alerts to their friends when they are in trouble. After two gentle taps, the application will send one of your messages to your 6 friends that you have mentioned. The messages include your name, what type of situation you are facing, and also it will send your GPRS location. This application also contains several security department numbers. This is trusted by several women and it is highly recommended.



Fight back is an application which is developed by Mahindra groups. This application works on various mobile phones and several OS platforms. This will send a notification to some of the assigned contacts about your name, in what situation you are there, GPS location via text messages. Also it will post an emergency notification on your Facebook profile. Earlier, this application was charged as per the use. But now it is given free of cost after the Delhi gang rape case. It sends sos emergency text messages to the contacts that you have assigned. This application is supported by all Android mobiles, Nokia mobiles and phones which supports java application.



Bsafe is also similar to the above mentioned applications. (i.e) it will send the alerts to the contacts in emergency situations. But the main advantage of using bsafe is that it will send alerts even if you are not subscribed to any messaging plan or if you don’t have balance. One single tap will send message to all the three assigned contacts.


Eye watch is an application which is designed especially for Indians. This is similar to FightBack but it contains some additional features integrated in it. The features are like siren along with warning the contact via e-mail, SMS and even through phone calls. For mobiles like Android, BlackBerry, iOS and symbian this application is available for free of cost.


These applications are mainly created to protect women. They should have enough freedom to go anywhere and at any time. These are very useful applications that women must have with them.