Wireless USB Stick Increase your Mobile Phone’s Storage

Wireless USB Stick

what will you do when your mobile phone’s storage has incomplete storage and there is no chance to insert an exterior SD card? How do you take all your videos and documents where there is not an iota of space not there on the device? Yes, you should have cloud-based services such as Google Drive or Dropbox which add almost unlimited storage space to your phone but you have to be associated with the Internet to access your files.
This week I was testing a wireless USB stick from SanDisk which adds storage space to your tablets and phones more like a usual USB drive. To start the computer you plug the USB device into your laptop or desktop computer and let it charge for about an hour or two. You can also move the files to the stick from the computer via Windows Explorer or Finder Mac
After completion of device charging, you strike the little power button on the stick to switch on. Now install the SanDisk fix app on your mobile, go to Wi-Fi settings in your mobile and connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot which comes from USB stick. Wireless USB Stick

The USB drive content now can be accessed from your phone. You can take video and audio files which are stored on the stick, you can open PDF files , browse photos and other documents in linked mobile apps and you can easily move files between the phone and wireless drive. It is much like connecting USB stick to your mobile phone but without using wires.
The Wi-Fi network by default has no security but you have a choice to add a password to avoid other nearby devices from connecting to the USB stick.
Not like using Cloud storage, SanDisk’s link USB stick no need of internet connection and no of devices can connect to the same USB drive over wifi. So if you are having an Android phone and an iPad , not only the devices connected at the same time to the stick but it is used as a temporary medium to move files between the Android device and IOS.
The USB stick itself is steadily built with a clear protective casing while it is clearly heavier and looks bigger than regular USB sticks. The SanDisk mobile app has some problems but not any of them are a deal breaker. In my testing, the iPad app often crashed particularly when analysing big PDF files. The Android app would not let me browse the web by using the cellular connection as the phone is connected to USB drive above Wifi.
SanDisk Connect (Amazon, Flipkart) is well-suited with both Android and iOS devices and is accessible in various capacities from 16GB to 128GB. If you are running more than storage space on your mobile phone and improvement is not an option, the Connect stick is most likely the easiest way to enlarge your mobile phone’s storage.

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