Many computer enthusiasts have had this debate. Of the two most popular systems, which one is safer, Windows, or Mac? Both systems have millions of users all over the world and each suffers security risks and breaches from time to time.

Windows vs Mac

Windows already had a larger user base by the time Mac was introduced. Therefore, hackers had found out many vulnerabilities in Windows. And there were more cyber-attacks on Windows systems. Over time, as Mac has become more popular, hackers are now following the popularity wave. We have seen increasing attacks on Mac.

Here are some of the security threats computer users face and how they compare against each other on the two systems.

Virus Attacks

Whether you use Windows or Mac, you will suffer virus attacks on your computer. Over time, cybersecurity experts have been able to keep up with the changes in the hackers’ world. There exists many antivirus software for both Mac and Windows. Experts agree that virus attacks are diminishing. Even so, it is best to protect your computer from crashing and losing all your data due to a virus infection. You can find a complete list of the best anti-viruses for mac computers.

Malware Attacks

Both Windows and Mac users are at risk of falling prey to malware attacks. Phishing a common technique in these attacks takes advantage of human psychology to get you to click on malicious links and emails. Therefore, users of both systems should invest in malware detection and prevention software to prevent them. There are more malware attacks directed at Mac users as they are likely to part with more money than Windows users.

Attacks by Popularity

There are more Windows computers around the world than there are Mac. As such, most of the more popular security attacks are Windows. However, with Mac’s popularity, there are more and more attacks on Mac. This then goes to show that both systems are equally at risk. The idea that Mac is safer than Windows is only because of its lower numbers in the market. As it gains users, so does the security risk increase.

Security Threat from Software Vendors

Both operating systems encourage their users to get external software they need directly from the vendor, or wherever they can get them. This exposes the users to a lot of security threats. If a user doesn’t download their software from a trusted source, they could easily download a security threat into their system. Users of both Windows and Mac should have the best antivirus and protection software installed in their computers to download external software.

Presence of Threats

According to cybersecurity experts, there are thousands of new Malware threat samples for Windows every day. This is not necessarily because Windows is less secure, no. This happens because there are far more Windows users all over the world than Mac. Hackers, therefore, target the large number for economic reasons. There are not so many Mac threats developed.

How to Keep Your Mac And Windows Computer Safe?

Use Antivirus

This is the first step to secure whichever system of the two you are using. Download and keep your antivirus up to date at all times. It will help keep out malicious software from your computers.

Update Your Operating System

Make sure that your operating system can accept any updates and patches automatically. This ensures that there are no security gaps that malicious attackers can utilize. Many individuals and businesses who did not update their OS on time have suffered breaches in their systems.

Update All the Software in Your Computer

Just like you should update your OS regularly, make sure that you update every other software that you use. Security gaps can be used to infect your system.

Do Not Click Unfamiliar Links

Whether on emails, social media, or the websites you visit, do not click on unfamiliar links. They are likely bait to get you to invite malware into your computer. This advice applies to both Mac and Windows users.

Security Settings

Both Windows and Mac computers have security settings that you can configure to your preference. For Mac users this is known as Software Update, and, on Windows Update on Windows. Although Windows users have less control over some security settings that must be left open, they should make sure they set the highest security levels.


Both Mac and Windows are vulnerable to security threats. Many security experts agree that none is safer than others. It all depends on the person who uses them. Therefore, have always up to date antivirus in your Windows and Mac computers.

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