Reset Windows 10 By Using Reset and Remove Everything Option

Tip For Reinstallation

There are mainly two reasons that why you want to reset windows 10 and uninstall everything. One thing is if a program or setting really Reset your PC –never happened before like that? or just you need to start over. Another one is if you think to sell or recycle your system , and you need to confirm that the next person doesn’t get any of your stuff . Luckily, windows10 helps you to start over with some clicks.

Now I’m going to explain you how the windows 10 helps you to reset your PC completely– that means all of your files, software , and settings.

Just think and confirm that you really want to burn up the place down before you do it, because this is last. If you are having any doubts, Backup your system or important files before you are going to do this , or select the milder reset option, which just uninstall your windows and keeps everything else.
Ready? Okay. Click the Start button and go to settings. From settings select Update and Security, and from there, select Recovery.

At the top of Recovery section, you will find reset this system. Click the Get Started button – don’t worry you will get one more step –and then you have to choose an option. In this case, we have to select Remove everything option, and the Dialog Box repeats one or more time that means everything is real.

Then you just sit for some time the windows will do its work. It may take few minutes. When it is completed you should have a new windows installation with nothing else.

Just note it down that if your PC came with a group of preinstalled “bonus” programs, aka bloatware, from the merchant those programs will reinstall themselves as part of this work. If you want to be free from bloatware, you should need to do that yourself .This is the easy way to Reset and Remove PC by using windows 10.

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