Here is how can comet stars cause strike on earth?

Star collision on earth

Many comets from 24 stars which move towards our solar system may be diverted toward the Earth. As a result, scientists claim that they can cause conflicts over the earth over the next millennium.

Max Planck, a researcher in space research Germany, has conducted a study of how many comet stars often fall from a broad, spherical overlay of billions of globules that are intent on covering our solar system which is called Oort Clouds.

oort cloud

Researchers at the end of the study conclude that in such close encounters(in the range of those loose orbits that can be thrown into the solar system), they can cause a collision with the Earth.

Within the next billion years, researchers have predicted that more than 19 to 24 stars from the 3.26 light years range should be diverted from their original path to the Sun.

Comet Stars

All close encounters do not mean that the comets can lead to striking the earth. Researchers have predicted that most of the stars in the Earth’s orbits perform clashes, although this type of collision is now increasing. For the next million years, about 490 to 600 stars will pass the Sun 16.3 light years away.

It is noteworthy that this study’s report has been published in the Astronomy and Astrophysics Journal.

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