Tips, What Makes Cucumbers Bitter?

Cucumbers Bitter

Cucumbers are rich in water content. When we eat cucumbers in summer, we can prevent our body from dehydration. The body gets freshness. We can eat raw cucumber or we can also make cucumber salad or any cucumber recipe. The cucumber has a lot of minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes. Cucumber seed and flesh is rich in silicon and chlorophyll. It also contains sterols to reduce your cholesterol.

Some cucumbers will have the bitter taste. We can not predict when buying this. If you cut the cucumber and put a small piece in the mouth, if it tastes bitter, no one will touch the cucumber.

How is this bitterness coming up? What is the reason for cucumber to taste sweet and sometimes bitter?

Cucumber is a plant of sardines. Typically, plants of this type produce cucurbitacins organic compound. This compound is responsible for its bitterness. When you take too much of these cucurbitacins, the body becomes weaker. Another reason for its bitterness is the environment. Cucumber grew in dry areas, and cucumber grown without the required amount of fertilizer is likely to be high in bitterness. Climate change can also increase its bitterness.

Well, can you fix the bitterness of the cucumber purchased? Shall we try it?

Method 1:

This method is used usually by everyone. Cut at the edge of cucumber slightly and rub the cucumber with the hand. When doing this, a liquid or foam like milk can come out. This is the chemical of cucurbitacins. Do the same at the other end. Then wash the whole cucumber and eat it. You can definitely feel the difference.

Cut Cucumbers

Method 2:

Cut the cucumber vertically. Sprinkle a little salt in both cuttings. Then rub the two parts together. When you rub it like a foam comes out. Make this method 2 or 3 times and then wash it off and then eat. Somewhat bitterness will be removed.

Method 3:

This is a very simple method. Cut the two ends of the cucumber. Remove the skin. Take a fork before getting to pieces. Stab the preceding portion of the cucumber. Make sure that the part is completely covered with the fork. Now that white foam comes out of the cucumber. See it 2-3 times. Wash it well and then eat.

The above methods can not completely eliminate the bitterness of cucumber. But of course, you can feel a difference.

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