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WhatsApp instant messaging app without any doubt is one of the most popular social messaging apps worldwide. You can see it in everyone’s cell phone and that makes sure about its fame among the mobile phone users. The reasons behind are enormous acceptance among the user, a vast variety of features, user-friendly interface and last but not the least, security that is end to end encrypted.

However, when it comes to its features user can do the plenty of activities including text messages, one-on-one and group conversations, audio and video calling, sharing of media files such as photos and videos, location sharing and status update. The messenger has a huge user base and there are people who are using the service for last several years and its features are still coming to make the world to communicate with the use of the single social messaging app.

Moreover, there is a number of people around the world, who are looking forward to having a tool that can empower them to get WhatsApp chat spy app. On the other hand, there is a number of tech tools that claim to monitor the WhatsApp messenger, but out of all few can really do that. Let’s talk about TheOneSpy cellphone monitoring software.

Monitor WhatsApp messenger chat with TheOneSpy

First and foremost, you have to subscribe for the cell phone spy app by visiting the official website of TOS and then you have to install the mobile phone spy software on your target device. Therefore, get the license of cell phone spy app and once you have done it, you will receive an email that contains the credentials. However, before you are going to subscribe you should keep in mind that you have to get the cell phone spy software compatible with your target device operating systems such as android And IOS. Then you can install the mobile spy app on your target device in order to spy on WhatsApp messenger chat.

Install cell phone surveillance app to spy on WhatsApp Chat

You need to get physical access on the target cell phone device and then install it and when you have ended up with the installation activate it. Moreover, when you are activating it on the target device you will see a pop-up message that is about either you can monitor target device secretly or not. Now choose your best decision and activate the phone spy app on the target cell phone. Now you can use the credentials such as passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel and further you can get your hands on WhatsApp messenger chat spy app. Moreover, you can use the number of tools of WhatsApp spy software that you can use to get access to the target device installed WhatsApp messenger chat to the fullest. Let’s use cell phone spy app tools that empower you to monitor WhatsApp chat.

Spy on social media app

You can use social media spy app to see WhatsApp logs having access to the WhatsApp spy app web portal. You can see chat conversation and text messages logs and even audio and video chat to the fullest and get to know what your target person is talking about.


You can use screenshots of the mobile phone spy software capable of spying on WhatsApp messenger chat. All you need to do is to capture the screenshots of the WhatsApp conversations running on the target device mobile phone screen. You can visit the captured screenshots visiting the control panel and can view the captured chat in terms of screenshots with the complete time stamp.

Live screen recording

You can use the live screen recording tool of the cell phone surveillance software for Android and can record the chat conversations running on the messenger screen. You can make back to back short videos of the screen when the target person is doing chat on its device screen and by using WhatsApp. Then you can get your hands on the videos and can see the WhatsApp messenger chat to the fullest.


TheOneSpy is the number one cell phone monitoring software that can empower the parents and employers to spy on WhatsApp messenger chat of children and employees respectively.

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