Latest Hidden Font in WhatsApp

Latest Hidden Font

WhatsApp is one of the most famous apps for messaging, that has launched a new version called beta version which contains more useful and latest features for the developers who are interested in trying it out. It also contains Latest Hidden font .

According to Android Police, one of these tremendous features is the fact that developers can separate code or text from their conversations by placing “` in the region of a phrase. It should be identified that those are grave accents, but not the regular quotes.

This trick is used on the web for IOS and Android smartphones and for PCs. If you try grave accents feature, then you will find FixedSys font appearing in the typing box. However as mentioned in the above smartphone OSs the preview appears but it does not appear on the Web as far as this, Anyone doesn’t know why.

Not only the Fixed sys option available in WhatsApp for messages sending there are also other formatting options obtainable since March 2016 and they are bold, italics, and strikethrough.

The font changes are very good, but the feature allows the users to record a voice message where the users are looking to enjoy the related new voicemail function. For example leaving a voice message for a person is better than leaving a normal message because of some reasons like can’t reach them  when you call them.

Whatsapp allows you to know if it takes so much time for the service to download a text message, this is another interesting thing and also the useful thing that is related to add an alert to WhatsApp. You may think that you don’t want this but it may help you in some situations like the poor signal area and if you want to know if you can really, to communicate with someone.

If you want to get Latest Hidden font available in WhatsApp and also additional features, you need to log in for the WhatsApp beta.

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