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Windows Defender

Windows 10 didn’t introduce the antivirus as Windows 7 did. On concord, Windows 8 has inbuilt Windows Defender  Antivirus. Now we have to know is the Windows Defender suitable and best antivirus, to your computer with Windows 10 or not?

Antivirus and Malwarebytes


Antivirus is the essential thing which we do install to protect our computers. But, adware, crapware, and spyware are the viruses where malware comes from. Ransomware is the topmost virus which allows the virus into our systems and doesn’t completely let it go. Malwarebytes provides security to your computer from Malware and also cleans the infected computer. They work both on PC and also Mac version.

Moreover, Malware contains Anti-Ransomware and Anti-Exploit highlights to protect your browser against zero-day exploits which can stop drive-by cold attacks. You can run Malware as well as antivirus to completely protect your computer.

Antivirus and Anti-Malware

Though you browse carefully, you need an antivirus software on your computer. Being smart at the same time providing security software to your system gives double protection. Using good antivirus program and anti-malware program protects you from most of the biggest threats on the internet. Viruses like ransomware, spyware, crapware, and adware are potentially unwanted programs when compared to remaining programs.

Windows Defender is good or not?

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The antivirus program will be already running while installing Windows 10. Windows Defender comes built-in with Windows 10 and scans programs you open automatically. It provides an interface you can use for in-depth scans and downloads new definitions from Windows Update. It remains constant and doesn’t slow down your computer. While testing the antivirus software by comparing with other software, Microsoft’s antivirus fell but now it’s providing very good protection. Windows Defender is good enough to couple it with a good anti-malware program within a minute.

Is Windows Defender the Best Antivirus?


Windows Defender is best but doesn’t get the highest ranks in terms of raw protection scores. Look the rank scores if you need to go for something other. AV-TEST is having 99.9% “widespread and prevalent malware” in April 2017, along with 98.8% of zero-day attacks.


Avira Antivirus is one of the AV-TEST’s top-rated antivirus programs has the exact same scores for April but higher scores in past months and its overall rating is much higher. On Concord, Windows Defender isn’t nearly as crippled as AV-TEST’s 4.5-out-of-6 rating.


Security is about raw protection scores. Occasionally, other antivirus programs may do a bit better in tests done monthly. But, they also come with a lot of bloat such as browser extensions that actually make you less safe, loads of unsafe junkware, even the ability to track your browsing habits and registry cleaners that are terrible unnecessary, so they can make money. The browser will be hooked and the operating system causes more problems than it solves. If something protects you but opens you up to get attacked by other vectors isn’t a good security.

Windows Defender doesn’t do all these things and only does one thing without getting in your way for free. Additionally, the various other protections introduced in Windows 8, as the SmartScreen filter that prevents you from downloading and running malware, whatever antivirus you use is already included in Windows 10. Similarly, Firefox and Chrome include Google’s Safe Browsing that blocks many malware downloads.

Avira is best if you hate Windows Defender for some reason and want to use another antivirus. It consists of the free version that works well with a pro version with some more features. This provides great protection scores and has the occasional pop-up ad. Uninstall the browser extension it tries to force on you.

Malwarebytes is also required


Antivirus is the only protection you give to your system. But, using Malwarebytes is more important these days as you use a good anti-exploit program for protecting your plug-ins and web browser because they are the most targeted by attackers. Malwarebytes is good at finding “potentially unwanted programs” (PUPs) and other junkware and also free of cost. The version 3.0 contains an anti-exploit feature that blocks common exploits in programs. Though they are zero-day attacks those haven’t seen before such as those nasty Flash zero-day attacks. This contains anti-ransomware for blocking extortion attacks such as CryptoLocker. Malwarebytes latest version combines these three tools into single-use which cost $40 per year. You can only get three features in that full version of Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes completely uses different strategies for protecting your computer from blocking antivirus or harmful programs at the time Malwarebytes attempts in stopping harmful software from ever reaching your computer in the initial place. Running both the programs is the best protection because it doesn’t interfere with traditional antivirus programs.

You can get some of the Malwarebytes features for free but with warnings. The free version of Malwarebytes program only scans for malware and PUPs on demand. It won’t scan in the background such as the premium version does. Additionally, it doesn’t contain the anti-ransomware or anti-exploit features of the premium version. If you are able to deal with few bugs, you can get the beta version of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit for free. The free versions of Malwarebytes and Anti-Exploit are better if you are willing to forego anti-ransomware and always-on malware scanning.

You will be well protected with both antivirus program and Malwarebytes. Don’t forget that antivirus is the only one of the standard computer security practices to follow.

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