Uses of Old Android Tablet

Using Old Android Tablet

If you are also same like, then chances are more you have got an old Android tablet collecting dust in a drawer somewhere, without using and not loving. You may be received one as a Christmas or birthday gift one year, and just not found a forced use for it. It may have provided you faithfully for many years, but has been delivered slow and bulky under the weight of many software updates.

It is not an end road for your tablet. Sure, you can sell it, and can get back to your original purchase cost. If you throw it in the trash, it will give you the ever-increasing amount of unsafe electronic waste. Otherwise, you can keep your Android tablet to use in a project called DIY. There are four ideas below which get you to start.
As an Arduino Shield

As an Arduino Shield

When anyone tells me that they have started to learn Arduino, I will give a piece of advice to them – “Be ready to spend a lot of money”. Because the Arduino microcontrollers themselves are not offensively costly (particularly if you’re buying a cheap Chinese clone, or building your own), the shields which connect to them are.

So, what are Arduino shields? Basically, they expand the working of the Arduino board by adding together radios, sensors, and connectivity options. So, if you want to join your Arduino to the Internet, you can buy a Wi-Fi or an Ethernet shield. If you want to let it sense action and movement, you can add an accelerometer shield. You take the idea.

Using Old Android Tablet

Shields can cost anything from $10 to $50. If you should use most of them, the costs quickly add up.
But there is an exciting thing: All the sensors that you will purchase independently can be found in even the cheapest Android device. For example take the Amazon Kindle Fire 7, which is the typical budget tablet. It has two cameras, an accelerometer, Wi-Fi, a gyroscope, a speaker, and a microphone. There are similar Chinese-made tablets running stock-Android on Amazon for less cost.
Well, you can. The 1Sheeld is the creation of Integreight. It contains two parts. The one is a physical Arduino shield – the last one you will never need – which will connect to an Android device above a Bluetooth LE connection. The second one is an app that runs on the Android device. This permits the user to write Arduino programs that use the sensors on the Android tablet, also any internet capacities of the device.
The 1Shield supports devices which are running Android 2.3 and above, so chances are good that any phone or tablet bought in the last six years will work with it.
As a Digital Picture Frame
I have never really understood the request of digital picture frames. For me, they have been the last white monster tech product, in the same vein as hover boards, HD-DVD players, and selfie sticks. Certainly, these power-hungry gadgets do a bad job than the analogue pictures they are made up to replace, as they frequently ship with screens that are low resolution and seems washed out.
Then another time, maybe I’m wrong, as literally millions of digital picture frames have been sold. Maybe I’m missing the thing which gives them their appeal. Anyway, if you have got an old tablet, you no need to go out and buy one. Just socket it into the mains, set the photos into a slideshow using the Slideshow Maker app, and you’re away.
But wait, I hear you exclaim. Digital picture frames have a built-in stand, but more Android tablets don’t
Fine, that’s true. Sure, you can buy a tablet stand from Amazon rather cheaply, but there is a good way. Just download a tablet stand design from Thing verse, and top to your local maker space, where you are capable of printing it using a 3D Printer.Using Old Android Tablet

Thingiverse is basically the iTunes of 3D printer designs. When it used in tablet stands, they have a smorgasbord of device-specific designs. They also have a number that is device agnostic, and will work with everything. Plus, since they are open source, you will be able to adjust them as required.
As a Security Camera
More than the past six years, phone cameras have best studio quality snaps snap with an iPhone. But it means not that the phone and tablet cameras of recent history are bad, for each. They were – and maybe still are – good enough for taking selfies and shooting snaps of your dinner.
They are also preferably suited to be used as a safety camera. Think about it – smartphones and tablets have the capacity to constantly stream video to the cloud. Yet the oldest ones have sharper cameras than those which send with commercial CCTV products.
Software shouldn’t be a trouble. Besides streaming services like Google Plus, Twitch, You Now, and more, there are also products which are designed to convert old Android devices into surveillance cameras. Christian Cawley reviewed Android surveillance apps last year, and there was one important winner – Salient Eye.

But how will you go about protecting your tablet in the best possible way? Well, if you are using your front-facing camera, you might be tempted to connect a magnet to a blob of sugars, and apply that to fasten it into place.
Alternatively, you can change one of the many webcams stands obtainable on Thingiverse to fit the proportions of your tablet. One of the main promising designs I have seen is the “ZYYX Webcam Holder’.
These are the tips for using Old Android Tablet.
As A Smart Home Dashboard
In 2014, French technology huge Archos dipped a toe into the field of smart home technology. It opened a starter package which incorporated two cameras, two weather tags, and an Android tablet to organise them all.While the promise was interesting and it corresponded to good value for users, it failed to catch on, simply because the implementation was so bad. The Android tablet was underpowered and underpowered. But where Archos failed, you can do well. Using your own Android tablet, you can make your own dedicated smart home hub.

There are some forceful third-party web platforms that permit you to manage your smart home devices. is a platform for managing Samsung’s SmartThings devices. On the other hand, if you know how to code, you can build your own using
As the Archos tablet came with a built-in stand, you can generate your own stand using the abovementioned 3D printer designs on Thingiverse. Otherwise, you could Sugru some magnets to its back, and fix it to your refrigerator.
These are the tips to learn about Old Android Tablet which you can understand easily.

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