Effects of Prolonged Sitting


Are you driving vehicle whole day? or sitting in front of the computer more than 3 hours continuously? or sitting idle always?

If you are able to do muscle movement in the body for a longer time then you can live a healthy life. Have you ever had thought, what will happen if you spend the whole day by sitting idle or with your computer?

3 Hours


If you sit for a series of three hours then your body will burn only one calorie. Your blood vessels start compressing. Insulin won’t separate glucose. This will cause slowly type-2 diabetes.

6 Hours


If you sit continuously for 6 hours per day up to 2 weeks then secretion of hormones will be less and the fats start to crumble. Bad cholesterol won’t burn, which will increase body weight. It will begin to cause airway smooth muscles. The heart will find difficulty in pumping the blood.

After a Year

Bones gets Weak

Your bone growth will start to decline. Bone density will start decreasing. If there is not enough blood to the brain, cell growth in the body will decrease and will start to decline. Soon it will get the aging look on your face and also affects hormone secretion.

After 10 – 20 years

Blood Heart Circulation

Many problems have started to come up in the body, especially the cardiovascular diseases, arthritis. Death is more likely to occur more quickly.



The person who sits long hours is getting 64% of cardiovascular diseases. The research shows that 30% people are affected by prostate and breast cancer.

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