How to measure website performance using Google Chrome

website loading speed

It is important to note the web page loading speed when it comes to personal or flashing, small business or other e-commerce websites. If you want to keep up with users, your website should be fast loading site otherwise you will drop the users count.

In fact, if a website is not loaded within 3 seconds, users do not want to stay on your website and will go back. Also, this loading time is one of the key factors in improving the search engine rankings and providing a better user experience.

If you want to know what the loading speed of other websites and this article is for you. You can check it out. Generally, the loading speed of the web page depends on the quality of the frequency service provided by your ISP.

If you want to check your website loading speed with Google Chrome Browser, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: If you want to test the speed of the website, make sure that you have the first cleared the cache and history in your Google Chrome browser to get the loading speed of website accurately. Go to Settings and select History and click Clear Browsing Data.

Step 2: Check the box “Empty Cache” in the list shown to you and make sure you click “Clear Browser Data”.

Step 3: Internet speed can also be tested in Incognito mode. Because it does not use any cookies or cache. This can be done by holding “control + swift + N” to open incognito mode browser page.

Step 4: Now you need to type the domain name of the website in the address bar. After you click on the enter, it will start lodging the web page of the domain. The timing of each component being taken for loading can be found in the timeline tape.

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