Install WhatsApp Without A Mobile Number

whatsapp without a mobile number

WhatsApp is a common messenger app to exchange texts, photos, videos, and documents, and many. Nowadays, as almost everyone owns a smartphone, they have a WhatsApp account. Even many have more than one WhatsApp account on one Smartphone. We all know that we need a mobile number to create a WhatsApp account. But do you think it is possible to Install WhatsApp without a mobile number?

As in the process of creating a WhatsApp account on your smartphone, it will ask you for a mobile number to verification. And this verification cannot be skipped in any way. Then how will this happen to install WhatsApp without mobile number? Moreover, WhatsApp can be created for a mobile number, not for the smartphone. Do you still think that WhatsApp can be installed without mobile number verification or without a SIM card?

Well! Installing a WhatsApp without mobile number verification or a SIM card is just easy. You need not have any SIM card or a mobile number to create a WhatsApp account on a smartphone. I’m sure,  you might be thinking how this can be achieved. Some may even think that this is not at all possible. But you are wrong in this case. It’s absolutely easy to install WhatsApp without a mobile number.

Let’s see how to install WhatsApp without mobile number or even a SIM card. But before there are a few steps to be followed to get started.

  • Delete or uninstall your previous WhatsApp account that already exists on your smartphone.
  • Download the latest version of the WhatsApp from the App Store on your mobile phone.
  • Before proceeding to tap on Agree and Continue, make sure to keep your phone in Airplane mode.
  • Then, you need to confirm your WhatsApp account to be activated with an SMS or email address.
  • Tap on submit and click on Cancel.

And here are some 3 ways to get this done.

1. Install WhatsApp with TextNow App:

TextNow App will provide the user with a mobile number that is not registered. So, hope you got an overview how a WhatsApp can be installed without a mobile number. Yes! First, install the TextNow App on your smartphone. That will provide you with a mobile number which can be used to install a WhatsApp account and which don’t need a SIM card.

Follow the steps below to install a WhatsApp without SIM card.

  • Install Textnow App on your Android or iPhone or Windows Phone.
  • Save the number provided by this app after installing it and use this TextNow number for mobile verification in the process of installing a WhatsApp account without SIM card.
  • When you give this TextNow number to run WhatsApp for mobile verification, it will revert back that the WhatsApp SMS verification has failed. Then tap on the Call Me verification method.
  • Then you will get a call to the TextNow number after which you need to enter the interactive voice response WhatsApp Verification code provided.

That’s it! You have now created a WhatsApp account without a SIM card.

2. Install WhatsApp without number verification:

In this method, you need to install a fake messenger app on your smartphone. Follow the below steps to create a WhatsApp account without number verification.

  • Install WhatsApp on your smartphone
  • Using this app, do false WhatsApp verification as per the below details
    • From: + (country code) (mobile number)
    • To: +447900347295
    • Body: your email address
  • Then, you will get a verification code to install WhatsApp without number verification.
  • Use that code to start Whatsapp-ing without sim.

3. Install Whatsapp using a landline number:

In this method, you can verify your WhatsApp account using a landline number. You can provide the landline number if you think of activating WhatsApp without sim. And obviously, the Whatsapp SMS verification fails as a landline number is provided. But of course, there’s an alternative for this. WhatsApp call verification that can verify the account.

Most users have complaints that WhatsApp cannot be activated from this method. Because in the recent times, it was found that Whatsapp activation by landline number is no more working. So you cannot find this method to install WhatsApp account without mobile number or SIM card to be fair.

You can use the first and second methods install WhatsApp without a mobile number on your smartphone.

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