Now more than ever, security breaching is on the rise. Companies are reporting issues with the security of their product and software development is facing a serious threat of hacking from cybercriminals.

Dev sec ops

These would be perfect reasons to get terrified if you have a business already but luckily, you now have the power to strengthen your organization’s security thanks to dev sec ops.

Also referred to as development, security, and operations, devsecops is a style of approaching IT stability with the mindset that everyone is accountable for safety

It entails inserting security practices into a company’s DevOps pipeline.

DevOps is a unique set of practices that functions to integrate and automate the processes between IT teams and software development. This helps them build, evaluate, and disperse software quicker and more reliably.

The word ‘DevOps’ was created by joining the words “development” and “operations” and symbolizes a cultural transfer that bridges the space between operation and development units, which historically worked in siloes.

As per research, dev sec ops will attract more organizations by the end of this year as news of its simple yet effective nature is spreading fast.

It goes without saying that executing the devsecops discipline is no easy task. Here are some general implementation techniques to get you on the right track:

  1. Planning

    You must have a practical plan on how you wish to implement dev sec ops in your organization.

    The plan has to be strategic and brief for smoother operation.

    Depending on the enterprise you have, the plan can span from a month to possibly a year. If everything is in place, you’ll have no problem materializing your goal.

  1. Development

    Next comes development, where units should begin by assessing the maturity of the practices currently in place.

    Consider obtaining resources from countless sources to provide guidance. You could also establish a code review system here since it promotes uniformity, which is vital in dev sec ops.

  1. Building

    In this stage in dev sec ops execution, automated build tools fit perfectly. In such equipment, through a build script, the source code is paired into machine code. Build automation tools bring in an array of powerful characteristics.

    The building goes hand in hand with testing, where a strong automated evaluating framework instills unbeatable testing practices to the pipeline.

  1. Deployment

    This stage in dev sec ops implementation is often performed through IaC, or Infrastructure as Code, tools as they automate the procedure and hasten the pace of software distribution.

  1. Operation

    During operation in dev sec ops execution, periodic maintenance is a frequent function of operations units.

    Zero-day exploits can be disappointing. Therefore, operation teams should keep watch for them.

    As humans, we are prone to making mistakes. However, you can keep human blunders from surfacing by using Infrastructure as Code tools to stabilize the company’s infrastructure fast.

  1. Monitoring

    This stage involves using robust, continuous monitoring equipment to see to it that your security systems are functioning correctly during dev sec ops implementation.

    In case of any anomaly, early and consistent monitoring helps the responsible parties make the changes as soon as possible and, if necessary, replace the systems.

  1. Scaling

    Scaling contributes largely to a successful dev sec ops execution. The introduction of virtualization means that companies no longer have to use their resources to maintain a massive data center.

    Instead, should there be any threats, all they have to do is scale the IT infrastructure to handle them.

    Scaling is convenient not only because it’s faster, but it’s easier to use and requires very little energy too.


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