SmartCast P-Series 2016 4K UHD + HDR Home Theater Display



This is not like any TV you’ve seen before. In fact, you can only call this is new Vizio P series 4K TV. There’s no tuner built and there’s no on-screen menu. There are no built-in apps for Netflix or Amazon or Hulu will see only an Android tablet is the brain of everything. It tells this nice looking screen with HDR and Dolby vision. What you want to live so the new P series is unlike any TV you’ve seen before. It’s a brand new approach and just maybe the future. Remembering the 65inch model which feels absolutely massive in any living room. The screen is surrounded by some really nice little Bessie’s or silver though which some people might find distracting but at least they’re small.

You get 5 HDMI of course, to work with one of those is especially good for gaming since there’s really no input lag at all but you’ll notice that there’s no cable jack anywhere. You’re going to need a separate tuner if you want to watch over the air channels on these news latest TV. As for the TV itself that packs in just about every modern future and want mainly 4K and high dynamic range also with Dolby vision. There’s already backlighting which gives you great contrast and deep uniform blocks and that’s pretty much out of the box don’t have to mess with picture settings or anything like that these aren’t quite at all levels. But this is up there with the best picture quality I’ve seen from the LCD display 4K content is the tax charge.


They’re tentative people who raise was fantastic in their own right but I was a little bit let down by my cable quality and I was never quite sure if it was the TV’s fault or Cablevision’s fault. But now we move on to the remote which is busier as daring experiment 6inch 1080P Android tablet is what you use for a lot of change of picture settings or enraged EMI inputs but it’s also what you’re going to use for pretty much everything else. So the P series doesn’t really have an onscreen menu of any sort. It’s all inside busy smart passed up. It’s pretty easy to use but it’s also prone the bugs are on their list haven’t even shown you what’s on TV but it can’t control your cable box. So if you want to change channels. You’ve got to reach for that remote to this is pieces of powered by Google cast. So just like a chrome cast you can open any app and start streaming video or more music to the big screen.


There’s some stuff here you can’t get with the contacts like 4K in the city yard to Netflix, Amazon or something your Apple TV can’t. So that freedom of using your tablet or your own smartphone to control this TV is definitely nice but I have been told he was busy also includes this dumb adult in the box. It’s got your basic controls for picture quality channel changing volume inputs and stuff like that and truth be told I found myself reaching for this just as often probably more so than the tablet that should dissuade me from considering busiest new PC’s or even the just updated M series which is a bit less expensive but shares most of these features.

If you’ve been dreaming of a gorgeous screen that’s a camera that’s for you to use the way you want it to while this is that busy as Google has tragedy won’t be for everyone. Some people want the patients to learn it and others will this to some dumb remote old time but worst case you can just use a Roku to stream the screen right here. Home Theater display is an amazing centerpiece for a living room based on picture quality alone.

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