The world is becoming increasingly digital and, in many ways, this is a good thing. Digitalizing things prevent the environmental damage associated with paper production and usage. But, going digital also increases the risks that companies and individuals face.

In short, everyone is more likely to be hacked and have their personal details stolen. This can lead to identity theft and an array of financial issues along with unnecessary stress.

In fact, this is why many individuals and businesses invest in the latest security shredders. But, have you ever thought about the products you produce?

Product Destruction Services

Products For Destruction

All businesses have products that don’t reach their standards. This can be due to a problem in the production process or an issue with the materials used. It can even be because the item has been superseded.

In these cases, the old item is discarded in favour of the newer or better version. After all, that is what the business wants to offer its customers, the best product possible.

However, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t just be discarding these products, you need to use a genuine product destruction service:

Company Reputation

The first thing to consider is the reputation of your company. If a product is simply thrown away there is nothing to stop someone from finding that product and using it or reselling it.

Because the product is identifiable as yours, the consumer will believe they have a high-quality product and quickly complain when they realize they don’t. It only takes one negative post on social media to knock the reputation of a company and cause you issues.

Having the product properly destroyed means that this scenario simply can’t happen.


If your undestroyed but rejected product finds its way into a consumer’s hands, you are likely to be liable for any issues that arise.

For example, you manufacture kettles and you have a faulty batch that explodes. Obviously, you reject the product and discard them all. If they are not destroyed it is possible a less scrupulous person will sell them on the side. If a consumer then gets burnt by the exploding kettle your company will be liable.

Not only will it damage your reputation, if you can’t prove they were properly disposed of and marked as defective, the consumer can also sue your business for a lot of money.

A product destruction service gives you a certificate to confirm the products have been destroyed and removes any liability issue.


As the world becomes more concerned with environmental damage there are increasingly strict controls regarding the disposal of products and compliance. This is especially true if your product contains hazardous substances.

A product destruction service handles all the compliance issues for you, ensuring that the product is taken apart and destroyed in accordance with current guidelines.

Again, you are issued with a certificate that proves you are compliant, eliminating the risk and issues for your business.

In short, using a product destruction service protects your company and helps you to keep trading successfully.

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