Google Tez App

Google Tez App

Under the Digital India Program, many actions have been taken and Google Tez Payment Processor is introduced based on UPI. Tez is called Fast in the Hindi language. Through Google Tez app, you can send money to friends, local shop and family members easily. This Tez app can be used by any Indian in a simple manner. You can download this Tez app on Android and iOS smartphones.


Google Tez App Languages

After downloading the Tez app on your smartphone you will need to select the language. Eight Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Bengali are held in this app.

Mobile Number

Next, you need to use the mobile number provided to the bank(your mobile banking number) in this app. Then you can use this app easily.

Pin Number:

Tez App Lock

Then you can enter your pin number or use pattern lock as you wish.

Bank Account:

Payment Wallet

With the help of UPI, you need to link the bank account to this Degree processor and the Securities Exchange will be provided with your bank account.

Cash mode:

Cash Mode

Using the “Cash Mode” feature in this app, you can send money to nearby people without sharing any personal data like your mobile number.


Payment Confirmation

Every Debt transaction through this app is able to win up to 1,000 rupees on weekdays and up to 1lakh rupees on Sunday transactions through the scratch card.


The Tez app is integrated with 55 banks in India, so the Tej app can be used easily.

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