How to make a shopping list with Google Home

How to Use Google Assistant to prepare a shopping list

Before we go to the supermarket, we will prepare the shopping list. But after returning from the supermarket, we will realize that we had forgotten to buy one or more important things. It is difficult for everyone to remember all the things. But at the same time, technology is growing and it is possible to get home without forgetting. Without writing in the paper, we can record the shopping list through our voice and get it back whenever it is necessary.

There is no need to write a list for the things we buy. Go to Google and say OK Google. Automatically it will start a new shopping list page.

After that, you can list the items you need in the shopping list through your voice. Then check it through the Google Home app.

1. If you want to open your shopping list, simply say “OK Google” and say “My Shopping List”. For this, you need to go to the menu button and then select the shopping list. If this method does not work, go to the main menu and select Setting->Services->Shopping List

2. Then check the list one by one after you buy it.

How to create shopping list through Google Home app?

You can make your own shopping list as many you need in Google Account. But this can not be done on Google Home app

1. First, you have to click on the Menu.
2. Go to Google Assistant and tap the Shopping List on it. This will open the new window on Google Chrome.
3. Tap the new list in the window and open it.
4. Type a name for this list and then change that list into a primary list.

How to Share Shopping List by Google Assistant?

If you want to share this list with people in your CONTACT, you can use the Google home app.

1. Click on the menu button first
2. Then go to Google Assistant and select the list in it. A new window will open in Chrome.
3. Select the any shopping list that you want to share.
4. Then tap the sharing icon.
5. Then choose to whom you want to share or choose their number from the contacts or type email addresses on the menu.
6. Then save it.

Like this, you can share your shopping list through email. If you want to add or delete something after completing everything, still you can do that.

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