Instagram added GIF stickers to its Stories feature

GIF Stickers on Instagram Stories

After Facebook take over Instagram, a lot of features introduced on Instagram which is very much appreciated. Instagram, which is a photo-sharing social media app recently added GIF stickers feature. Through this feature, you can add GIF stickers to your Instagram stories. With GIF stickers, you can attract more likes without using any Instagram auto liker without login tools.

GIF stickers on Instagram Stories will be available as part of version 29 of Android and IOS. Another update for the pictures and videos included in Instagram Story is it can be any length of time. This new feature may be introduced in the next few days.

This corresponds to the release of the desired size posts in the previous Instagram feed. In that way, the picture can be zoom in or zoom out to see it in its actual size. Before it was officially released, the GIF testing was started in November last year.

Step 1: To add a GIF image to your Story, click on an image or select a picture from the gallery or record a video with Instagram Story tape.

Step 2: Now click the sticker icon on the top right of the screen. Using the included GIF button, add animated stickers to the selected content (photos or videos).

Step 3: After clicking on it, you can find a list of the famous GIF stickers. The user can select their favorite stickers in it and can add to any area of the content (photos or videos).

Step 4: In addition, you can modify the GIF-pin size, add stickers and text. According to the company, searches for your keyword should give you more options in GIF’s database.

As for GIFs, if your search word is based on word format, you should see in “Word Art”. If your search is based on ‘skills’ (Effort), it will provide bright or fireworks based GIFs.

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