Bubble wrap is known for keeping mail and packages safe. This packaging material is perforated to avoid hand cutting. Bubble wrap retains air and thickness for appropriate cushioning. It’s lightweight to lower shipping costs and constructed with air pockets on the top and bottom. Read on to discover these 6 unexpected ways to use bubble wrap and mailers.

6 Unexpected Ways To Use Bubble Wrap And Mailers

Keeping the fridge clean

Bubble wrap comes handy when tired of tossing your bruised fruit or having to clean the bulky fridge drawers. You can cut it into pieces to match the drawer size for use as liners to keep the drawers clean always. Bubble wrap has puffy pieces that will protect fruit and vegetables from bruising. It also offers extra insulation for the contents to remain chilled.  When dirty, you just peel it out from the drawer and replace it with another layer without having to spend time and effort cleaning the drawers.

Keeping shoes and handbags in the shape

New purses and shoes usually come with foam or paper but this is often tossed out with the box. Fortunately, bubble wrap comes in handy when rolled, stuffed, and molded to fit your purse of shoes. Bubble wrap can be made into any shape to match your needs. For knee-high shoes and boots, you can wrap larger pieces of bubble foam to make them stand tall in the closet. Additionally, wrapping the inside and out of your shoes using bubble wrap keeps them in good shape and offers protection from dust and moisture.

Keeping fragile items

Mostly used for protecting packages when shipping, bubble mailers are also good at keeping fragile items. Perhaps you have a jewelry store or deal in accessories like watches. You can purchase bulk bubble mailers cost effective for use to package your items. The cushioning will keep any kind of jewelry or watch protected even during a fall. Purchasing bubble mailers wholesale is more cost-effective than gift boxes. The best thing is the concealment of these precious items from the bubble mailers.

Heating the greenhouse

Bubble wrap works great to keep cold winds out of the greenhouse . It also keeps warm temperatures inside. Consider lining the greenhouse walls using bubble wrap to trap incoming light and retain it. This will make the greenhouse warmer for seedlings. It eliminates the need to invest money in buying costly plastic construction materials or a heater.

For constructing comfy pet beds

If you have some furry friends, it’s a good idea to offer them comfy beds. With bubble wrap, you can make comfy beds for your dogs or cats indoors during the cooler months. These will keep your pets comfortable all year-round. To make the beds, place the bubble wrap underneath the beddings where the pets can’t access them. This will retain heat and add extra padding to the pet bed making it more comfortable.


Apart from offering protection and safety of packages during transit, bubble mailers and wrap have various other uses. The ideas above will come in handy to show you other ways to use these packaging options. The best thing is that you can recycle the packaging for these purposes after the primary function.

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