Upload the Images from website to Facebook directly


Facebook is the largest social networking website. The Facebook has millions of users all over the world. Its users are always busy on sharing their thoughts, updating their status, writing on their friend’s wall and making gossips and much more conversations. Besides this, the Facebook offers the utility of uploading images and Videos. Using this, the user can easily share their photos with their friends. The Facebook provides a photo album for uploading many images. The user can upload any photo into existing album, and then they will share it with their friends.

But if the user wants to upload any images in the web, they have to download it from web and then only they will upload it on their Facebook. The Facebook does not allow its users to directly upload the images from web, but making some changes in the settings will make the upload of all such photos easily.

Just upload the images with their URL. Follow the steps given below to upload the web photos easily,

Step 1:

  • The user has to select the image that they want to upload it on their Facebook account and right click on it.
  • Then select the ‘Copy image URL’. The user can copy the exact URL of the image by selecting the ‘Copy image URL’.
  • The other option to copy the URL is just open the image in the browser and copy the image path.


Step 2:

  • Now the User has to open their Facebook account, and click on the option ‘Upload Photo/Video’

Step 3:

  • In the File name box, that has appeared just paste the copied URL of the image that was copied as in the step 1.
  • Now click the open button on it.

Finally, the user has to wait for few seconds and they will find their image now showing in the photo upload section. Then click on the post button to upload that URL photo. Now the task is finished and the user will find their image on their account.

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