Windows 10 – Uninstall Groove Music

Groove Music Windows

Below are some tips to uninstall Groove Music For Windows 10 .So by using this you can Solve your problem easily.

At some stage, Microsoft had chosen the irritating habit of installing stuff on the computer which doesn’t want for users. At First, it was a small thing like apps in the Accessories folder, but at one stage, it rises up into installing whole operating systems that are windows 10.

Well, today, we are going to roll back a small segment and speak about Groove Music, one of those apps that kind of appeared on windows 10. It is the really attractive decent music player, but if you want to go out of it, below is how.Groove Music Windows

Before you are going to start, confirm Groove Music is not running.

  • Open Power shell with admin right by typing “Power shell” into Windows search; right click on it, and then select Run as Administrator.
  • Type Get-AppxPackage –All Users and press
  • Scroll down to the following: Name Microsoft.ZuneMusic
  • Select the text below the section PackageFullName (should be somewhat likeZuneMusic_3.6.22051.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe), and press CTRL-C to copy it.
  • Now enter the following: remove-AppxPackage PackageFullName (put back PackageFullName with the text you print in the last step).
  • Press Enter to execute the command and remove Groove Music.

That’s all if you follow the steps above; you’ll be able to uninstall Groove Music soon and easily.

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