If you are thinking of kicking your smoking habit, know that there are many trying to quit as well. In fact, 7 out of 10 smokers want to stop smoking. But as an alternative, have you considered switching to vapes such as vape pens, e-cigarettes, and several other vaping devices?

How Vape Works

These devices help in your transition from traditional tobacco products to quitting the habit eventually. But, is vaping (also called smoking e-cigarettes) better for you than conventional cigarettes?

These electronic gadgets are specifically designed to replace cigarettes. Both satisfy the same purpose, which is to release the inhaled nicotine, but do it differently.

How Does Vaping Work?

With the rise of e-cigarettes in 2007, people have been using vape since it was introduced to the market.  And the smoking alternative has grown in popularity ever since.

Unlike cigarette smoking, vaping products do not have tobacco content. So the process does not include burning any harmful substance. Burning tobacco leaves from a cigarette emit nicotine inhaled by the user.

Aside from nicotine, cigarettes also contain more than 4,000 chemicals, including tar. Tar is a toxic amalgamation of elements that causes lung disease and tooth decay. On the other hand, an e-cigarette is composed of a liquid typically containing nicotine.

The device has a heating element inside that transforms liquid into vapor. You inhale this vapor through a mouthpiece. There is no smoke because there is no combustion.

The atomizer is in the middle of a vaping product, which comes with a coil that heats up when vaporizing the liquid. But, the atomizer needs the help of other parts of the e-cigarette when doing this.

The role of atomizers in a vaping device

 Atomizers usually have a storage tank housing flavored liquid. The atomizer uses a battery to supply the vape device with power. Typically, you screw the unit at the top of the battery storage.

You can also find e-cigarette models in one-piece systems that have both the housing and the atomizer. But, many vapers prefer to use e-cigarettes products with removable atomizers. This is because they can switch into vaping a variety of flavors throughout the day.

Battery-powered devices

Almost every e-cigarette comes with batteries integrated into the body of the device. The frame includes a charging port, a fire button to activate the foil, and the atomizer connector. Sometimes, the unit comes with additional controls that allow the user to adjust how much power the coil will receive.

Usually, the vape has an LED screen that shows the remaining life of the battery as well as help you adjust the settings. Some e-cigarette devices have removable batteries. One of the benefits of this feature is that when your battery is running low, you do not have to plug in the product when you need to charge.

You only need to change your batteries and recharge in an external charger, the flat ones. Most of these devices have temperature and power control and a full range of other features.

Another component of a vaping device is the liquid that it vaporizes. Mostly, the vaping fluid comprises vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which are also used in FDA-approved medicines and many foods.

Are vape and cigarette the same?

When you look at the parts of a vape or e-cigarette, it is clear that it is quite different from a traditional cigarette. An e-cigarette has no filter, no paper, no tobacco, and does not involve heating the substance. The only common thing between vapes and traditional cigarettes is the addition of nicotine, which can be an optional substance for smokers trying to quit the habit.

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