UAE launches 10 years residency visa

The United Arab Emirates has brought new legislative changes in order to ensure that the United Arab Emirates to become first place among the world’s nations by attracting more foreign investments.

These changes are the largest jackpot for those seeking to residency visa in the United Arab Emirates.

The Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said: “The United Arab Emirates to be more prevalent than the other countries in the world by attracting global investors and to create new jobs, and to remain as a global incubator for world’s best talents”.

The first phase of the work was announced by the UAE, that the investors and their family and ‘A’ grade students will be given 10 years residence visa.

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Sheikh Mohammed said this in his Twitter account. Apart from this, the research has been undertaken to facilitate immediate implementation.

The new visa system will not only attract new investors through the new visa system but will also be the forerunner of the United Arab countries as a competitive market competition among the nations.

Many new businesses will be set up in this country as it has been announced at the crucial meeting of investors, as well as the rights of foreign investors to take 100% rights to the company. Thus the United Arab Emirates does not need to rely on crude oil.

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It is imperative to attract a number of field employees, with a new business with 10 years residency visa. Medical, scientific, research, technical, researchers, and explorers are given a 10 years residency visa, just as the investors are given to this situation. More students will have 5-year residency visa and 10-year visa for skilled students.

The United Arab Emirates announcement is expected to bring a new change among Indians, as the United States and Britain are now facing severe visa restrictions in IT and UK.

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