How to Effortlessly Type on Your iPhone With One Hand

type in one hand

The whole world iPhone users are trying to figure out how to type on their iPhone in one hand but few iTunes app developers have been figured out and resolved by developing new apps for that.

There are two free apps in iTunes market which will alter your default keyboard. Blink and word flow these two apps will make you type in a simple, easy way and also in one hand. But both apps operating way is slightly get a difference.

Blink has an option to shift over the keyboard to either left or right side and these keys will become close to each other. It will look like same as iOS keyboard when you shift to any side.

Word Flow also looks like iOS keyboard but slight difference is with a bit of color change. There are two arcs visible on the top right and left-hand corner which is used to activate one-handed keyboard. Tap the arc and drag it down will bring the keyboard into half circle which makes you reach all buttons in a simple way.

If you are left hand typer then you can bring the circle to left or if you are right hand you can bring it to right too. Keep in mind it’s a Microsoft product.

Word flow is definitely better than Blink because it makes you type like swipe to type. Normally swipe to type method is used by Android Keyboard app Swype. Blink on the other hand, it will make you delete the complete word in a one shot. Both keyboards will offer predictive text and themes.

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