Exploring Wikipedia Visually Like a Spaceship in Space

Exploring Wikipedia Visually Like a Spaceship in Space

As we all know that Wikipedia is a free open content online encyclopedia created through the collaborative effort of a community of users. Anyone registered on the site can create an article for publication, registration is not required to edit the articles.

Wikipedia also makes it far so easy to move down in a rabbit hole of minutia and trivia. You might find yourself doubling the amount of the time exploring the online encyclopedia with a new website known as Wikiverse.

Wikipedia experience is turned through Wikiverse into an outer space exploration. If you Zoom out, you will see constellations of related and at times overlapping the domains or topics such as Nature, Religion, Culture, History another and History make up one constellation.


Zoom into any given constellation and tap on the star to see how it is interconnected with the other stars.

sprout across the wikiverse

Across the Wikiverse, a web of connections will sprout as it is displayed how articles are interconnected on Wikipedia. If you like to read more about the article’s given topic then just tap the “Open” button that is located on the top right-hand corner and you can view the Wikipedia entry there itself in the Wikiverse.

Wikiverse also moves a long way at making you realize just how vast the Wikipedia website is. You can choose just 1% of Wikipedia to explore as that translates to 50,000 articles or  2% or 100,000 articles or finally 5% or 250,00 articles.

It can sometimes be a little bit buggy that tries to get from one spot to another and you might find yourself reading about a topic rather than the one you tapped on. On concord in the grand scheme of the things, it makes the article of Wikipedia hopping all the more interesting.

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