Think Before You Ink: Are Tattoos Safe?

myths about the tattoo

Today, you don’t have to search and find a tattoo holder. If you look closely to those who come across you, you will find many tattoo holders. One in four of the 18 to 30-year-olds, that is 25 percent people keep the tattoos. In some more years, it may be 40 percent. Another fact is that 65 percent of Tattoo holders are women.


Many tattoos are used to show that they are distinctive or to represent a group. Where do we put the tattoos? It’s important to think about who’s going to see it. will you face any health problems because of tattoos? Perhaps, what to do if your mind changes after placed a tattoo? This article answers many such questions and reveals myths about the tattoo.

Untrained tattoo professionals

Anyone can perform the tattooing on the skin if they have ingredients like ask, ink, and peat. But tattoos wont result in beautiful as they are not trained. There are many chances to get contagious diseases if the needles are not sterilized.

Cultural Tattoo

cultural tattoo

People of different cultures traditionally use tattoos. Tattoos are pierced in different rituals, reflecting the culture of the people.

Professional Tattoo

Tattoo Gun

This type of tattooing is performed by the trained artist who uses ‘Tattoo Gun’.

Beauty Tattoo

Makeup Tattoo

All types of tattoos are not for identity. Some Tattoos are pierced and crafted for makeup things like lipstick, liner, lipstick, cheek blush, eyebrows, and fake hair. Day by day tattoo will get faded and the similar tattooing process will be done like makeup touch up.

Tattoo for medical use


Some even tumble to express their health problems. For example, people who suffer from diabetes may try to get others to know their impact in an emergency. The doctors like radiation therapist engage in tattooing on patients to identify the place where the radiation therapy happened. After breast surgery, when the breast is restored, the tattoo is drawn on the breast to point out nipples.

Ideas for safe tattooing

  • Alcohols, drugs, medicines like aspirin should not be taken in the previous night of tattooing.
  • Do not pierce tattoos when you are sick.
  • Make sure that the tattoo piercing needles are purified, sterilized or it is one-time usage needles.
  • Permanent tattoos are performed by piercing the skin. While the needle is injected into the skin there is a lot of chances for the needle to touch the blood vessels and other things in blood. Therefore, the Tattooing should be performed by properly certified artists, especially in clean areas (Tattoo Studio) reserved only for that purpose. After a tattooing, the studio should have the facility to kill the germs.
  • Note that the Tattoo artist washed and clean the hands before and after the stump and worn the necessary gloves. In the course of training, they are taught how to avoid spreading from diseases through blood while tattooing.
  • Learn all the details of the manufacturer and product number of all items, such as the ink and pigment that they use to tumble.
  • Follow the artist’s suggestion to be followed after tattooing. Use regularly ointment suggested by the tattoo artist.


Tattooing sometimes spreads dangerous diseases. If you use a non-cleansed needle, a liver may be infected with AIDS or hepatitis C. Due to the infection, MRSA and skin sore vulnerability can occur. Bacterial infections may cause damage to the eye, lungs and other organs.

Allergy – Alert

Some people will get skin allergy because of tattoo ink. Specifically, the lipstick tattoos can cause red ink allergies. Print and other metallic materials used for tattooing can cause some people to develop swelling and ulcers.

Can Tattoo Erased?

What if your mind says suddenly, ‘No need Tattoo’? Can Tattoo be erased? Yes, but your skin won’t look like before tattooing. If the black ink is used to put the tattoo, there are chances to get the look of your old skin. Do not try to get rid of Tattoo. Acid is more likely to be mixed in the products sold as tattoos. When you use such things, unpleasant side effects may arise. You do not have to approach a Tattoo artist to remove Tattoo. Instead, you should go to the doctor.


Tattoo Scar

The tattoo is removed by laser treatment by cutting the specific skin area or by removing the upper layer of the skin with a dermatologist. Most doctors select the laser method. When the top layer of the skin is removed, the scarring occurs. Some color ink does not go away in a single treatment. It is necessary to go to treatment several times until it is removed.

Different laser rays are used to remove different colored hoods. They will crack the Tattoo Center into small parts and remove them. Tattoo removed skin area will be white. Over time, it will change to normal color.

The removal of the Tattoo will cause allergies to some people. Small blisters can develop due to laser treatment. Pustules will be healed by continuous maintenance.

Is Temporary Tattoo Safe?

Temporary Tattoo

Having a temporary tattoo using henna can prevent such problems. Henna can also cause allergies. Red henna is approved for use in hair. It is not recognized much for decorations on the skin. However, black or blue henna can be made using coal and thar. So avoid using them.

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